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Early Hardcore #3 ('92'93) - The Hell Sessions (2018)

Let's end the day with something hard, rough, and old. It's a series I already wrote about a long time ago, but I only rediscovered it a few hours ago, and thought I'd give it another go. In this series, which is called 'Early Hardcore', there were 5 mixes, starting back in 1991, going all the way up to 1995.The first time I saw this series and wrote about it, was the first mix in this series, dedicated to the years 1991 and 1992, and it was called 'The Full Moon Sessions'. And if you haven't spotted his name on the image above: the mixes were made by DJ Radium.

If there's someone that can provide us with awesome Early Hardcore, it's DJ Radium. Active in the scene since 1994, first known as Micropoint as part of a project, and then creating his own alias, called Radium. He's been on the forefront of the French Hardcore scene, and to this day keeps Hardcore alive and well in France. His discography is an interesting read, so if you have a few minutes spare, go and check his info out, which you can find on Discogs.

For those die-hard motherfuckers who know everything, we move away from his discography, and we dive straight into this mix. For this mix his focus was the years 1992 and 1993, which were still the very early years of Hardcore. Hardcore was still in development, and finding its roots. At certain stages it was fragile and very unstable, but a few records gave it the platform/base it needed to work from, and what they created was something glorious.

But without those early years, we wouldn't have Hardcore in 2023. It would have been as dead as dodos. And we should pay homage to those forgotten and underrated records. Most DJ will go to 1995 as earliest, maybe even dabble in 1994, but before is a no-go. But why not? Give some love to the real OG records. The records that gave us Hardcore 4 life. Yep, I said it. Without 1991/1992 & 1993, we would have nothing.

  1. Synthadelic - I'm A Secretary

  2. Michael Whiteline feat Armageddon - Cocaine (Hardcore Club Mix)

  3. Juggernaut - The World Of The LSD User

  4. Wedlock - Bass For Your Face

  5. Juggernaut - State Of Mind

  6. Reanimator - Bigger And Bolder (CPR Mix by Maurice Steenbergen)

  7. Undercover Anarchist - Work It (To The Bone)

  8. Dyewitness - I Am The Creator

  9. Vitamin - The Point

  10. Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee - Power Dominion

  11. Sigma 909 - Blow Your Mind

  12. Overboust - Lost In New York

  13. Influid - Push The Button

  14. Vitamin - Alice In Donderland

  15. Vitamin - Cosmic Trash

  16. Vitamin - De Woeste Man (Geb. 101 Mix)

  17. Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee - Brain Confusion

  18. Hardsequencer - Feels So Good

  19. Sigma 909 - Power Surge

  20. SP 23 - Network 23

  21. ID - ID

  22. Leathernecks - At War

  23. Sigma 909 - KNOR

  24. Bass-D - Blow Your Mind

  25. Sigma 909 - Stay Down With The Hardcore

  26. C-Tank - Nightmares Are Reality

  27. Sigma 909 - Power Of XTC

  28. Zekt - External

If you are a regular to this page, you know I love my music hard, and this mix had got some hard hitting records in it. Especially toward the end, shit all goes down, and Radium cranks up the temperature. You will certainly need to cool down after this session.

This is a very solid looking tracklist. It's beautiful. This is early Hardcore. Yes, very early. They certainly don't make Hardcore like this anymore. Which is a pity, in my honest opinion, as it was so freaking ace. It was everything and nothing at the same time. As said before, Hardcore was developing itself, growing from some disgusting creature into a beautiful butterfly, and around 1992/1993 it started to shed the cocoon it was in. But there were still some rough edges around it, which you can hear throughout this mix.

The records are just pure pleasure for your ears. I really enjoyed it.

It isn't flawless, there are some mixing errors in here, but nothing too major.

Generally speaking, this mix flows well, and has got a few excellent tracks in here. I couldn't choose, so I picked these three as my favourite: 'SP 23 - Network 23', 'Hardsequencer - Feels So Good', and 'Zekt - External'. Those are really the best in this mix.

A solid mix. If you want your Hardcore rough, tough, and blunt as possible, this is it. Hardcore at its finest. The finest years of Hardcore, am I right?

DJ: Radium

Genre/Style; Early Hardcore, Hardcore Techno, Acidcore, Industrial Hardcore

Mix Info: Early Hardcore #3 ('92'93) - The Hell Sessions

Length Mix: 01:04:34

Tracks: 28 (twenty-eight)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 148 MB

File Type: mo3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2018


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