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Early Hardcore Vinyl Mix 24-05-21

Friday, the weekend is just ahead. A few more hours, and the weekend starts. To get us in the mood, I've randomly picked a mix on Soundcloud for you all today. Literally at random, as I'm not familiar with the DJ of this mix, and have not come across any of this DJ before. How did I see this mix, how did our paths cross? Well, I was looking for an Early Hardcore mix, and after looking at a few (without tracklists), and this was the first one with. So random, yeah. And hopefully a mix you want to hear.

At first glance the tracklist did look amazing. And after hearing these early anthems, I do realise it on a daily basis, how much I miss the early sound. You just can't replicate the sound. It's so 90s. So unique. And 2C-Bever (what's in the name?) decided to mix a lot of underrated classics together, in a 68 minute long mix. And they are underrated anthems. Once you see the tracklist, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

It's a good start of the weekend. A bit of Hardcore doesn't hurt anyone, right? And we need that boost: we had a few days of good weather, and now it's gone tits up. So any entertainment that might get us through is always welcoming.

So which records did 2C-Bever use for this mix? You'll love the look of it, trust me!

  1. Bodylotion - No Worries

  2. Lords Of The Underworld - Hardcore Funk

  3. DJ Skorp & Chronotrigger - Do What You Like

  4. Insane - Kiss My Ass

  5. Short Circuit - Kick Some Ass

  6. Scarface - Housetime

  7. Brotherhood - Where Is The Sound?

  8. Chosen Few - Zlam

  9. Lords Of The Underworld - Take It Easy

  10. General Noise - Hey Yo What's Up

  11. DJ Skorp & Chronotrigger - Bass Now

  12. Lenny Dee & The Hardcore Warriors - Funky Twisted

  13. Skorpus Ravers vs Cyntex - Don't Waste Your Time

  14. Reyes - Puffed Up

  15. Skorpus Ravers vs Cyntex - Freestyle

  16. General Noise - Listen

  17. Ceasefire - Who's Afraid Of Noise

  18. DJ Rob & Tim B - DJ Rob's 20 Seconds

  19. DJ Skorp & Chronotrigger - The Answer

  20. Scarface - Hear It Twice

  21. General Noise - Hey Mr DJ

  22. Short Circuit - Sex Frequency

  23. Lords Of The Underworld - Basic Ingredients

  24. Lords Of Illusion - This DJ

  25. Slugnoid - Hyper Cut

  26. Lords Of Illusion - For Dano

The tracklist does look amazing, and it does contain a lot of records I've not heard in years! And I'm not even exaggerating. That's sadly the state of the world: we move forward too damn quickly (in music world). And some are just forgotten about that quickly. I wish these remained on many DJ's radar, these deserves much more credit.

After looking at these records, I can picture them on which CD they were on. Most of them appeared on well known albums, such as Earthquake, thunderdome, Lady Dana's mix CD, Raver's Paradise, Hellsound, and more. I do miss these compilations a lot. Trust me.

Good job that 2C-Bever used these for his mix. Really pleased with the look of the tracklist. The mix itself contains a lot of mixing errors. Maybe it's because the tracks are mixed together the oldschool way, using vinyl? Certain transitions are OK, and some sadly aren't. I do like his enthusiasm to make it work, and he certainly has picked wicked anthems for his mix, but the outcome isn't as good as I hoped it to be.

The best record is a tie between General Noise's 'Listen' and 'Who's Afraid Of Noise' by Ceasefire.

Still a good mix to listen to. There's potential to improve. The mixing I mean, not the track selection. That's spot on.

DJ: 2C-Bever

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber

Mix Info: Early Hardcore Vinyl Mix 24-05-21

Length Mix: 01:08:44

Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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