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Early Terror is Gewoon Beter 8.0 (2023)

That's the question for you all today. Is Early Terror better? Are you a fan of Terror music, or it way too strong, too fast, and too powerful for you? Or is it a type of music you love, and it cannot be too fast for you? Do you like it fast, rough, and rugged? Are you like me, basically? As I've mentioned in many reviews, I started listening to Hardcore back in 1993, and Terror only became visible to me around 1996. I did like it, but was more into 'mainstream' Hardcore. Maybe I did find it too hard back then, but I was still a teenager, didn't know what was good music...

I do love a bit of Terror. I have developed a love for it, especially the 90s sounding Terror. I still have a lot to learn, as most of the songs I heard during that decade were on albums such as Thunderdome, MOH, , Earthquake etc. Basically all albums released by ID&T and/or Arcade. But I never went full rogue and purchased an underground label album. I always played it safe, so the deep underground anthems were missed by yours truly.

But looking at the tracklist, which was put together by Gabber Pinguin, I don't recognise any names. What I meant to say was, I don't recognise a name that I would assume be a 90s Terror producer. They all seem to be 'new' names, and the songs have got the 90s sound, but seem to have been made way after the decade ended. You'll know what I mean when you see the tracklist.

Also, Gabber Pinguin? Didn't knew these funny creatures liked gabber music?

  1. Slugnoid - Fucking Uptempo 2.0

  2. Hyperactive D - The Battle

  3. Speacko - Surrender

  4. X2 - N.Y. Distortion

  5. Necronym & OTM - Katyusha

  6. Pardonax - Synthetic Megamix

  7. DJ Kobe - Drop The Bass

  8. Amorphoid - Mystic Doll

  9. L NEON & Terror Eimbert - The Bullet

  10. Pardonax - Alone

  11. The Liquidators - Glauben Sie Mir

  12. M.C. Roob - For Sure

  13. Necronym - Blood Vengeance

  14. Speedy Lo - Disco Madness

  15. Grosvenor & Fang - Dance Of The Death

  16. Persephony - Hell Couldn't Be Any Worse

  17. Frankentek - Door Gaan

  18. Frankentek & Hitman - Fuck The Police

  19. HCM - The Difference Between

  20. Deterrent Man - Wrong Answer

  21. HCM - Russian Roulette

  22. Two Shit Cunts - I'll Smash Your Head In

  23. DJ Kobe & Ninetysix - Sphynx

  24. Sucre Rose - Tango Mortel

  25. Danny Ovington & DJ Narotic - Blasphemy

This tracklist only has a few names in it I recognise, but it's all about the music, and what it does to you. Gabber Pinguin has done a remarkable thing. This eight instalment of the Early Terror mix series was the first one I discovered, and there's more online to discover, but with his mix, he has capture a sound I really like and mixed together nicely.

The mix is an hour long, which should be long enough for you to get your Early Terror fix, right? It starts off slow, but the BPMs do increase, and toward the end you are listening to Speedcore. It basically becomes insane at the end, and I do like that a lot.

The mix is tight, and the Terror/Speedcore anthems thrown at us, are really good. Still under the impression that these were newly made songs that resemble the 90s sound. Can someone comment on that please? Leave a comment below if I'm right, or if I'm talking bollocks?!

The Gabber Pinguin has made a wicked mix, and it's put a smile on my face. The songs are good, and I got transcended back into the 90s. The 90s were just so much better, right?

Instead of asking which song is my favourite, the main question could be: Terror or Speedcore? And today I'm more into Speedcore.

Thanks Pinguin for this mix. It's given me the right amount of energy to get through today!

DJ: Gabber Pinguin

Genre/Style: Early Terror, Speedcore

Mix Info: Early Terror is Gewoon Beter 8.0

Length Mix: 01:00:38

Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

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