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Enzyme Injection 1 // A Collection Of Pure Hardcore Music (2002)

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

When you are a nineteen year old boy back in 2002 and you are a full on raver, you want to hear the finest, roughest and toughest Hardcore music. There were many compilation I have purchased over the years, but none stand out to the album I'm about to write about. Enzyme Records did so much damage to teenage eardrums during the heydays of Hardcore, and include yours truly. My eardrums are shot to pieces. A darker sound emerged, without it sounding too much Terror or Speedcore related. Darker and edgier, more Industrial. And they were the one of the few pushing it forward, and to this day a cult following has risen, obeying everything Enzyme Records related. Especially the music around 2002, boy, that was good.

I don't know if they ever did a second installment. I always thought this was the only one, and truth be told, I'm not in a mood at the moment, to shift through their extensive back catalog on Discogs. I just trust my own judgment, which is normally the right way. This album, called Enzyme Injection 1, had two discs: the first was mixed by Endymion, and the second contained DJ friendly records, obviously non mixed. But you have to fully understand and appreciate the power behind each and every track they put on this album. You will appreciate it once you hear the music coming through your speakers.

As a young lad this album got played over and over again, and today I felt the urge to hear those wonderful anthems again. I can literally dream the whole album. I know each and every track, and love them all! It's hard to express what Enzyme Records has meant to me, but let me put it to you this way: what they did was magical. Whenever I press the play-button I always feel enriched with power. The ultimate Hardcore power everyone is craving. Masters Of Hardcore had it too, but in a lesser mode.

Injection 1 / Enzyme Edition / Digitally Mixed By Endymion

01. DJ Nosferatu vs Endymion - Industrial Wreckage

02. Meagashira - Loss Of Intelligence (Stay...!)

03. DJ Nosferatu vs Endymion - Stay Focussed

04. Weapon X - Compose The Beat

05. Endymion - Drunk With Revenge

06. DJ Nosferatu vs Endymion - Life Is Pain

07. Meagashira - Prozac Attack

08. Weapon X - Close To Defeat

09. Ophidian - Ghosts

10. Meagashira - DJ Killa

11. Ophidian - Scrapmetal

12. DJ Nosferatu vs Endymion - Broken Rules

13. Endymion - Its All Music

14. Meagashira - End Of Line (Endymion Remix)

15. Ophidian - Order Out Of Chaos

16. Endymion - The Core (Promo & Catscan Remix)

17. Endymion - Chemical Implant

18. Weapon X - Cross The World

19. Weapon X - Strictly The MF Core!

Injection 2 / Enzyme X Edition / Full Versions

01. Enzyme X 01 - Poison

02. Enzyme X 01 - Doorbanen

03. Enzyme X 02 - Bells

04. Enzyme X 02 - The Dark

05. Enzyme X 03 - Travellers Of The Mind

06. Enzyme X 03 - Syskwahor

07. Enzyme X 04 - Opbokken

08. Enzyme X 04 - Post-Traumatic Fuckup

09. Enzyme X 05 - Parasomnia

10. Enzyme X 05 - Traces Of Insanity

And what I didn't know (maybe I did know, but forgot, seeing as CD 2 is unplayable due to the amount of scratches), you do get a short mix on the second CD, containing all the records from the unmixed bit. But whatever it was, it must have been good: the scratches have taken over and NO CD player will ever play it. Thankfully we've got Youtube and hours of Enzyme X music on it.

The first CD is digitally mixed by Endymion (it's weird that you had to mention it back then, nowadays it's the norm). But what they delivered was such a filthy CD with excellent records. Some have made their way onto several other compilations such as MoH, but to find them all on one CD and mixed to perfection is just amazing.

CD number 2 contains (as I said before) DJ friendly records. Not mentioning the mix, because I can't seem to find it anywhere. Enzyme X is to many known: it's not just one artist, it's a name for multiple artists doing their thing. Meaning it could be Ophidian, Knightvision, Endymion, Project Omeaga, or whoever. A safe name for everything Darkcore/Industrial Hardcore related. Not bound to one name or style. So you got everything you wished for. An ultimate Xmas present released in June of 2002.

I like the dark and edgy stuff. Experimental. Ground breaking stuff. Still not heard of anymore. To pick a favorite is difficult, but I will choose two: one from each disc. The first has got to be 'Scrapmetal'. Ophidian is a magician with instruments, and he always delivers. And guess which tune of the second disc I have chosen? 'Parasomnia'. From one of my favourite films ever: Fight Club. Fight Club and Hardcore. That's the second rule.

A truly amazing album which has stood the test of time. Many have faded into obscurity but this one stays on top. A favorite to many, owned by the few. If you've got a copy, tonight it the perfect night to show the world our dedication to Enzyme Records.

Artists: Various Artists

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Industrial Hardcore, Darkcore

Release Year: 2002

Album Info: Enzyme Injection 1 // A Collection Of Pure Hardcore Music

CDs: 2 (two)

Length Album: +/+ 2 hours

Tracks: 39 (thirty-nine)

Label: Enzyme Records

Product Number: ENZYME CD 01

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