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Erotic Sentimentalism Broadcast (2020)

It's Wednesday, and I'm off. This week is my holiday week. I was going to get married to my fiancee, but then COVID came around the corner and destroyed everyone's plans. Including mine, which is obviously a bummer, especially for the wife. She has to now wait another year before she can be my wife. But hey ho, at least we have our health, and we have our jobs. And now I'm sitting here, during my 'wedding week' off.

So what is it that I do during this week? Well, not get married, that's for sure. But chilling, enjoying life, and I will fire up the PS4, to release myself completely. But what else? Well, seeing as you are reading a review, listening to music. And the mix I'm listening to and you are reading about, has been on constantly since the early hours of this morning. Fusco's mix.

Here's the thing. I am not sure who Fusco is, but I am following him on Soundcloud. Maybe he posted a mix once I liked, but I cannot remember me reviewing one of his mixes. But my mind could also be damaged from all those years partying.

What also spiked my enthusiasm was the name of the mix. 'Erotic Sentimentalism Broadcast'. Now those are three words together you would never expect to hear. This Colombian based label is a complete mystery to me. Maybe it's because I'm not delved into a world of music and erotica.

Fusco was asked to fabricate this Industrial Hardcore styled mix, and without knowing the ins and outs of the Erotic Sentimentalism Broadcast, the mix itself is bloody good. So it's time for us to glance at the tracklist, and witness all the tracks used by Fusco.

  • Ghost In The Machine - Terminus (Original Mix)

  • Remco Beekwilder - Rave Mood (Original Mix)

  • Dave Delta - Its Coming

  • Dax J & UVB - Murder Wave

  • Cubic Nomad & Fracture 4 - Fading (Original Mix)

  • Inhalt Der Nacht & Echoes Of October - Beutezug

  • Somniac One - Siberian Tigot

  • Mindustries - Death Rattle (Original Mix)

  • The Outside Agency & Ophidian - Church Of The Silence

  • Armageddon Project - Beat Conductor

  • Catscan - WOIII

  • KRTM & Tripped - F%%cking Zutsu

A very big mix, if I have to say so. But it is true. Lovely Industrial Hardcore on this Wednesday morning. You will all love it. But would I consider it to be erotic? Sexy? Well, Hardcore in general does turn me on slightly, so yeah.

Fusco's mix is tight. And I really enjoyed every second of it. Even though I do follow him, I cannot recollect the last time I heard anything from him. But at least I'm checking out his latest mix, and it's a good one. Solid. Good track choice. And sexy, oh yeah, sexy.

I will certainly check out the other tracks and mixes he might have on his page, but for now I will keep this mix on a loop for the rest of the day. Really feeling the Industrial vibes today.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this mix. Not one single bit. All the records are wicked, especially 'Fading', and they are mixed together beautifully. Good choice to have Fusco create this mix for the Erotic Sentimentalism Broadcast. Hardcore is inevitably sexy.

DJ: Fusco

Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Industrial Hardcore

Mix Info: Erotic Sentimentalism Broadcast

Length Mix: 00:56:39

Tracks: 12 (twelve)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 604.4 MB

File Type: .wav

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

More Information: Fusco - Soundcloud Page

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