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Essential Guide To JamX & De Leon aka DuMonde (1999-2004) (2019)

Friday, that is today. And let's start the weekend with some greatness. A mix I've not heard before, but one I should have discovered sooner. It's a dedication mix, focussed on the German Hard Trance legends DuMonde, a.k.a. JamX & De Leon. The mix was made by Johan N. Lecander, and it's jam packed with DuMonde stuff, from around the Millennium. If you grew up with Trance and Hard Trance during those years, you must know the legends, and their awesome productions.

Truth be told, when it was the Millennium, I liked a lot of their productions. Not really sure what happened to them, if I'm honest. They just faded away, which is a shame. But during their successful years, they did have a lot of excellent tracks, and Johan's mix contains a lot of excellent tunes, including my personal favourite 'Can U Dig It?', a classic anthems you heard everywhere when it was released back in 2002.

Obviously they made lots more records, but Johan kept it to 12, which is sufficient enough for us to get a fix for the weekend. We are getting closer to raving again, so let's focus on the positives.

It still baffles me that Trance has been around longer than most of us think. Some of the tracks used for this mix, which ranges between the years 1999 until 2004, are 22 years old. Let that sink it. Just think of that for a second. The minute you hear them, it feels like you heard them last one a handful of years ago, not 22 years ago!

DuMonde, a.k.a. JamX & De Leon were successful and have given us memorable anthems. And let's start our weekend with a few of those anthems:

  1. DuMonde - See The Light (Original Mix)

  2. Face - The Face (Attack Mix)

  3. JamX - Warriors (Original Mix)

  4. JamX joins B.I.A. - ! Das Licht ! (DJ JamX & DeLeon's DuMonde Remix)

  5. De Leon - Fate (Original Mix)

  6. JamX & De Leon - Sexomatic (Re-work)

  7. No Faces - I Can Fly (Original Mix)

  8. Kaylab - Here We Go (JamX & De Leon Remix)

  9. DJ Snowman - ... And Then They Start To Dance (JamX & De Leon's DuMonde Mix)

  10. De Leon - Hold It (Original Mix)

  11. JamX & De Leon - Can U Dig It? (Self Control)

  12. Steve Morley - Reincarnations (DJ JamX & De Leon's DuMonde Remix)

Johan also added a few of DuMonde's remixes, and JamX and De Leon's own productions in there. their own solo productions. As good as they were on their own, as good as they were together. And I have to say again, I was a fan of their music. I really loved to see a CD with their songs on it. It made me purchase them and absorb the music. I was such a cheapskate for Hard Trance back then.

My God, they had some memorable anthems. A few are found in this mix, and you definitely know them. But one I rediscovered only a few days ago, and I can't even remember when it was the first and last time I heard it. I am talking about 'Reincarnations' by Steve Morley, remixed by DuMonde. It must be a very long time though. I said in a previous review that this was my favourite song of this specific mix, but will this be the same for this mix?

Nope. I have to take the standard road, and say 'Can U Dig It?. That's my DuMonde's favourite record. Sorry but not sorry. It was on each compilation you bought, it was played at so many events, and it might have been a tad overkilled at the time, it still packs a punch, and delivers the message. Crowds would loose themselves even more when this song came on.

I really enjoyed this mix. Good mix, thanks Johan for making this. We need to have more 'old' Hard Trance mixes by legends such as DuMonde. If you do know what actually happened to them, leave a note below. Interesting to know what happened to them. Their music is sorely missed, but remembered, 22 years onward.

DJ: Johan N. Lecander

Genre/Style: Hard Trance

Mix Info: Essential Guide To JamX & De Leon aka DuMonde (1999-2004) Length Mix: 01:12:31

Tracks: 12 (twelve)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year; 2019

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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