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Evolution Records 2018 Mix

A true UK Hardcore raver knows all the labels still excisting, and those that sadly perished into oblivion. One of the longest running labels, Evolution Records, does not need an introduction. A label started by Scottish DJ Scott Brown has been causing damage for a long time (to be precise, since 1994 this label has given us so many memorable tunes). 24 years of wicked music. And still going strong in 2018! I reckon that Scott Brown did not expect it to last that long. Or if he did, he had an extremely good feeling about it. Whatever he thought would happen back in 1994, it's still one of the most loved and respected labels.

To me Scott Brown is the ultimate legend. I think I never had the chance to see the man perform (or maybe I have, but I was too damn wasted), but HAS's last event at the beginning of next year will be the event where I'll absorb everything Scott Brown related (he's there of course). But until then, Soundcloud is the only place I can enjoy my Scott Brown/Evolution Record buzz.

DJ Threat made this awesome mix. I think I have already reviewed a mix by him before, and I think it was also a Scott Brown/Evolution mix. Can't remember, have reviewed thousands of mixes, and my previous database has been lost forever. So let's focus on the present day and his 2018 Evolution Records dedication/appreciation mix!

He went all out. And when I say all out, I do mean it. The tracklist will blow you into smithereens.

01. Scott Brown - Do What Ya Like (Macks Wolf Remix)

02. Plus System - Commence (M-Project Remix)

03. Scott Brown & M-Project - The Revolution (Daniel Seven Remix)

04. Scott Brown - Fight For You

05. Scott Brown - Life As We Know It (Jonny El Remix)

06. Energy Syndicate & Sc@r - Midnight

07. Scott Brown - Go!

08. Ganah vs Nova - Psystyler

09. Scott Brown - Definition Of A Badboy (M-Project Remix)

10. Scott Brown - Make You Scream

11. Scott Brown & M-Project feat Krystal - Energized

12. Ganah feat Bridson - Part Of Me

13. Ganah vs Galaxy Kid - Drop That Bass

14. Scott Brown - Welcome To Your Fantasy (Jason Bouse & Hartshorn Remix)

15. Ganah vs Juggernaut - Gone

16. Scott Brown & DMO - Fade Away (Rob IYF Remix)

17. Plus System - Prince Of Darkness (Ganah Remix)

18. Scott Brown & Ganah feat Bridson - Like The Sun

19. Ineffect - There Can Only Be One

20. Ganah x Andy Wilson - Love Of My Life

What a wonderful tracklist! A bit of the 'old' and new, crammed together into this hour and ten minute long mix. And I might have a rather unusual thing to say about this. All will be revealed in less than a minute (if you continue reading of course).

I loved this mix a lot. DJ Threat (who's not really a threat to us, more like a treat) has made this truly amazing mix. And if Scott Brown himself reposts this mix on Soundcloud, you know you have done something good. He won't repost shite mixes. And this is certainly not a shite mix. Look at the tunes, the quality of them will be known once you press play.

The thing I have to say about this is the following: I am a huge fan of the old Scott Brown sound. I loved his music since the 90s. His Gabber stuff was amazing, but his UK Hardcore stuff is more my thing. And even though it's really nice to see updated versions of his classic records such as 'Definition Of A Badboy', ' Prince Of Darkness', ' Commence' and more, it's his new stuff that blows my mind away! Some DJs/producers just live on the success they had in the past, but not Scott. Still using the same pattern, but making it sounding extremely fresh.

I'm deeply impressed with Scott Brown's solo stuff. ' Go!' is a monster. 'Make You Scream' made me scream indeed, but the one that really rocked me was ' Fight For You'. I don't know what it is, but Scott seemed to have read the scene, and gave us his take on UK Hardcore with a bit of the old and the new. And it sounds so good.

But let's not forget the remixes. Really impressed by M-Project's remixes ('Commence' and 'Definition Of A Badboy') but it's Macks Wolf who steals the show. His version of 'Do What Ya Like' is stealing the show. He made an already legendary record even better.

And I secretly adore Ganah's stuff. His approach really grabs me, and it captures the scene and what the scene needs.

There's no end to this bloody mix. DJ Threat picked the best of the best. And the result is a mind blowingly good mix. And you would expect only one rating:

DJ: Threat

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: Evolution Records 2018 Mix

Length Mix: 01:10:41

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN File Size: 129 MB

File Type: mp3 Bitspeed: 255kbps More Information: Evolution Records - Soundcloud Page

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