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EVOLUTION records classics showcase (170+BPM) (10.04.2017)

OK, one more review today. Started off with some Hardcore, and now we are still listening to Hardcore. But not the Hardcore you are thinking off, but the UK Hardcore side of it all. Specifically, the Evolution Records side of UK Hardcore, the label run by Scott Brown. A man who I have adored for many years, and the label that (to me) has released the best records ever made. Well, the label was run by Scott Brown and most of the tunes were his own, but no one cares. Scott Brown is, was, and will forever be a pioneer of the scene. The saviour. The legend. The godfather of UK Hardcore. Or just a God, depending on your views. And now, on the 29th of December, you can appreciate it even more...

I saved a Hard Trance mix the other day, made by Audioholik, and I wanted to hear something else. I know the DJ for his Hard Trance mixes, and I was pleasantly shocked when I found this UK Hardcore mix. I wasn't expecting it, but now I found it, I don't want to let it go. I need to listen to it again. Why? Well, there's multiple reasons for it, but let me drill it down to a few reasons: 1) it's made by Audioholik, 2) it's an Evolution Records showcase mix 3) it's got Scott Brown records. No need for more reasons, right?

UK Hardcore has been running down my veins since the early 2000nd, and to this day am I an avid fan of the genre. Nothing can beat the Millennium sound, and Scott Brown and his label played a crucial part during those years. I've absorbed his music so much, I can go to sleep and still hear his music haunting me, and I wouldn't be scared. His music has become timeless, and it is obvious at a rave: play a Scott Brown record, and everyone will loose their freaking minds!

Audioholik's mixes have always been extremely entertaining, but with this mix he gained another level of respect from me. His channel is now one of the GOAT channels on Soundcloud. Fact.

  1. Scott Brown - Out Of My Brain

  2. Scott Brown & Cat Knight - All About You

  3. Scott Brown - Push It (Music Please)

  4. Plus System - Let's All Get Down

  5. Scott Brown - Definition Of A Bad Boy

  6. Plus System - Blue Anthem

  7. Scott Brown - Hardcore Is The Future

  8. Plus System - Do It Like We Do

  9. Scott Brown - Neckbreaker (Plus System mix)

  10. Plus System - This Is How We Do It

  11. Scott Brown - Hardcore Hustler (Hardcorevolution Mix)

  12. Plus System - Serial Killler

  13. Scott Brown - Pro To Plasm

  14. Plus System - Rhythm Machine

  15. Q-Tex - Like An Angel

  16. Scott Brown - Taking Drugs

  17. Plus System - Prince Of Darkness

  18. Scott Brown - We're Droppin' This

  19. Plus System - Make You Freak

  20. Scott Brown - Make The Beat Drop

  21. Plus System - Bassline Of The Century

  22. Scott Brown - The Stranger

  23. Plus System - Dehumanize

  24. Scott Brown - Hardcore U Know The Score

This is like a wet dream, isn't it? If you are into UK Hardcore, you will love this mix a lot. Scott Brown is just such a legend, and his music will make you love life even more. Where would we be without Scott and his label?

Audioholik's mix contains a lot of timeless anthems, and as a true fan, you must know them all by heart. You can sing them all, and now when the beats drops, when the vocals come in, etc. These songs are embedded into our brain, and we are so much in love with Scott's music, he has become (without knowing) our saviour. His music can sound so happy and uplifting, and sometimes that is just what we need.

He has made some harder anthems too, let's not forget those. But the focus now lies with the UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore side of the label.

There are too many anthems to choose a favourite. But the one that gets me going the most, has to be 'Taking Drugs'. Closely followed by 'Make You Freak'. If I'm on the dancefloor and either of these songs come on, I raise my hands in the air, and loose myself completely.

Why has this style never caught on in the Netherlands? This should have been embraced by the Dutch.

A fantastic mix by Audioholik. His Scot Project mixes were awesome too, but I've got to give this mix all the credit it deserves, and also all the credit should go to Scott and his label. Oh, how I love his music!!!

Audioholik, please make more of these UK Hardcore mixes. Please!!!

DJ: Audioholik

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: EVOLUTION records classics showcase (170+BPM) (10.04.2017)

Length Mix: 01:15:52

Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 174 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2017


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