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Foxhound - 20221009 Industrial Hardcore

Is it Wednesday? It doesn't feel like it. But whatever day it might be, it's always good to hear something you don't hear that often. As you all know, I am a huge Hardcore fanatic, and have been since 1993/1994. But one of the subgenres of Hardcore has always been a bit buried, hidden away from me, and that's genre is Industrial Hardcore. it does come up every so often, but I don't actively search for it. But don't you worry, I'm on it now, and I have saved two mixes that I might review soon. One of them is this one, by Foxhound. I think it got shared by HanSolo on Soundcloud (thanks for that), so here we are... a new day, Industrial Hardcore blasting through my speakers!

I found this mix because it was shared, but I'm not familiar with Foxhound. So, let's dive straight into this mix and what Foxhound has made. An hour and 3-minute-long mix, full of Industrial Hardcore, with some seriously insane records by the big names in the industry. Names such as Rude Awakening, Stormtrooper, Tymon, Armageddon Project, [KRTM]. Dither, and more. If you were looking for a wicked Industrial Hardcore mix, I think I've found one you might like!

I do love myself a bit of Industrial Hardcore every so often. Not always. It would drive me mad, hearing this coming at me 24/7. Maybe a few hours per day, but that's all. There's a limit though. My brain would be fried to pieces. The last time I went to a rave where they played Industrial Hardcore was Raving Nightmare in Maastricht, The Netherlands, and as cool as it was, only a few hours I could handle it.

But it still gives me enough energy to last throughout the day. Especially these tracks made by these well-known artists.

  1. Tymon - The Mangler

  2. Rude Awakening - Credit Is Due

  3. AK-Industry & Lowroller - Isolation

  4. [KRTM] - Chaser (Monkey With Shothun)

  5. Armageddon Project - Insecure Opponents

  6. Ferox - Save Urself

  7. FIEND & Broken Rules - The Strength

  8. Hellfish - Self Isolation

  9. Loop Stepwalker & Balkansky - Tornado (The Teknoist Tornado Made Of Zombies Re-Twist)

  10. Marc Acardipane feat Rave Creator - O.K. Bassquake (Killborn Remix)

  11. Ophidian - Qotile

  12. Razor Edge - Dark Mood

  13. Rude Awakening - Anger Management

  14. Stormtrooper - The Silence Between Us

  15. The DJ Producer - That Guitar Track (Mindustries Revision)

  16. The Relic - Thermal Vision

  17. Trickstyle - The Underground Vibe

  18. Tymon - Punk B**ch

  19. Peaky Pounder - Runko

  20. Broken Rules - Minimize It

  21. COREporation - I Control Your Mind

  22. Densha Crisis - Mind In Distress

  23. Petrochemical & Ophidian - Inaminate

  24. Matt Green & Tripped - Punx Kevlar

  25. AK-Industry & Igneon System - Evil Blood

  26. Angel - Industrial Base

  27. COREporation - Rocket Launch

  28. Deathmachine - Imitations

  29. Dither - The Woods

  30. Matt Green - A Blade In The Park

This is a very hard mix. But yeah, it's to be expected, as it's an Industrial Hardcore mix. Foxhound keeps us on our toes, and keeps the interest throughout this mix. Once you hear the first anthem come at you, you won't be able to stop listening to this mix, and the hour flies by. I am not telling porkies, it's the truth!

It has been a wicked hour, and as it's been on repeat multiple times this morning, I can say now it's the fourth time I've listened to this, and I'm still highly impressed with the mix, and the songs selected by Foxhound. The songs are fucking hard as hell, He does his best to keep the listeners entertained, and that's happening for sure.

I've got nothing negative to mention. A brilliant mix with the right tracks by the right artists. All is well in my world: I've got this mix playing out loud, and you can imagine how hyped up I am right now. Bouncing up and down my chair, nodding my head like there's no tomorrow..

Go check this out!

DJ: Foxhound

Genre/Style: Industrial Hardcore

Mix Info: Foxhound - 20221009 Industrial Hardcore

Length Mix: 01:03:17

Tracks: 30 (thirty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022

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