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Frank-E & Mars-L - OUWE STIJL IS BOTERGEIL | MELKWEG (26-01-2024)

Only a few days ago this event took place, and my timeline was filled with images of one of the acts in the Netherlands, M-Project. And now sets have appeared on my Soundcloud timeline. Unfortunately M-Project's set did not come with a tracklist, but the one that did, was a set by Frank-E & Mars-L. And I have seen their names before, but never put 2 and 2 together. A quick look on Discogs and now I know: they are the two names behind Deepack! And I genuinely didn't know that! I am sitting here, amazed. They initially started making Hardcore/Gabber, and then went on to become Deepack. That's insane, right?

I do come across as a bit of a silly bugger, right? People probably assume I know everything, but clearly I do not. But instead of pointing out my flaws (which there are plenty of), let's focus on this set. It's an early Hardcore set, with not only their own records, but a wide variety of records by others too. The big guns were played, and you'll know every single one of them, by just looking at the tracklist. They were the big songs during the 90s, and are still loved to this day!

As a young teenager during the 90s, I fell in love with Hardcore, and have listened to as much songs as possible, and to be reminded on how awesome the 90s were, that brings a smile on my face. Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil is truly an inspirational event, one that is on my bucket list. I really need to relive the 90s again, because it was truly botergeil.

But now, let's focus on the tracks played by Frank-E & Mars-L.

  1. TNT - Kiss The Ground

  2. Neophyte & The Stunned Guys - Kick This Motherfucker

  3. Wayward - Hardcore Hijacked

  4. Cixx - To The Bass

  5. Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa

  6. Buzz Fuzz - Frequencies

  7. DJ Sim - Cartoons In Progress

  8. Frank-E & Mars-L - Spliffs 'N Niffs

  9. Jappo & Lancinhouse - Exlaxl

  10. Cyclopede - Bad Motherfucker

  11. Knightvision - Who Is It

  12. DJ Isaac - Bad Dreams

  13. Bodylotion - Make You Dance

  14. Darrien Kelly & Scott Brown - Geleihoofd

  15. Frank-E & Mars-L - Bust The Beat

  16. Frank-E & Mars-L - Tha Devil Made Us!

  17. Frank-E & Mars-L - Control The Universe

  18. Frank-E & Mars-L - Dream On

  19. Necromancers - Don't Look Back

  20. Frank-E & Mars-L - Aeon

  21. Frank-E & Mars-L - Hit The Deck

  22. Inferno Bros. - Slaves To The Rave (Neophyte Remix)

  23. Toni Salmonelli - Hey

  24. 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It

Obviously the tracks that weren't made by Frank-E & Mars-L are well known, and you hear them everywhere (which is a good thing, don't get wrong). But it's the obscure stuff by Frank-E & Mars-L I like a lot. You don't hear or see them that often, which is a pity. They are anthems too!

I'll just say it before I forget and finish the review: I prefer Frank-E & Mars-L over Deepack. Yes, Deepack was great for the Hardstyle scene, but I am a gabber 24/7, since 1993, and their Hardcore songs were much better than anything released as Deepack. Sorry though. But the Hardcore side wins.

The mix itself is great. Don't know why the volume goes up and down, especially at the beginning. Is it maybe because there's an MC and they cut his/her bit out? I was a bit concerned at the beginning, but it didn't happen that often.

The event looked brilliant, and the line-up was awesome. And this set shows me why I should have gone, or go in the future. Lovely set, but not 100% perfect. But still, highly enjoyable, especially their stuff.

I do prefer their songs, but credit for opening their set with one of the dopest songs ever made, TNT's 'Kiss The Ground'. What an anthem. The set was full of them, but to open with that one, credit!

A nice set, worth checking out. And there are more on Soundcloud, so check out their Soundcloud channel! You can thank me later....

DJs: Frank-E & Mars-L

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil 2024

Length Liveset: 00:58:17

Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2024


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