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Franky Wah - The Revival Vol. 1 - Full Mix (2020)

I know I'm into so many other styles, but I normally would be up to date with who-is-who in the Dance scene, but this name, Franky Wah, is a new one. And I don't even know how or why I found this mix from 2020, focussed on his album, which is called 'The Revival Volume 1'. Someone must have reposted his mix, and I saw it and thought 'must give that a try'. I am so relieved that I did, because the mix, which is roughly 70 minutes long, is exactly what I needed to hear! A nice and relaxing House mix.

I am a noob in regards to Franky Wah. Anyone able to provide me a short detail on who he is? Or I might just take my finger out of my arse, and just Google Franky? Well, OK, let's do that then. But before we proceed, let focus on the cool image. I love it when images contain multiple other pictures. Are they the ones they used to call polaroids?

Anyway, the mix. I've slightly out of touch in regards to House music. This CD contains Franky Wah's own productions, and if you are into House music, you will certainly love this mix. It contains all of the records on 'The Revival' album (I'm guessing, as there is no official tracklist...

So, if you are interested, these are the tracks you will find on the official album 'The Revival Volume 1'. Check it out!

  1. Franky Wah - Parallel Universe

  2. Franky Wah - Fly

  3. Moby - In This World (Franky Wah Remix)

  4. Franky Wah - Come Together

  5. Franky Wah - Don't Be

  6. Franky Wah - Lost In Time

  7. Franky Wah x Olive - You're Not Alone

  8. Franky Wah - First Light

  9. Franky Wah - Oscillate

  10. Franky Wah - Tomorrow

  11. Franky Wah - Horizons

  12. Franky Wah - Cry No More

  13. MJ Cole & Freya Ridings - Waking Up (Franky Wah Remix)

  14. Franky Wah feat Ruby Wood - Green & Gold

Such a short tracklist, but a powerful mix. A year on Soundcloud, already 18,6k+ plays and counting, and a lot of positive feedback. People are already screaming for volume 2.

So is the positiveness surrounding this mix justified? Yes. The last comment I've seen on this mix was literally just one word: 'Phwoooaaarr'. And no, that wasn't me who wrote that down. Whoever wrote that down, capture the whole essence of this mix in just one word. And the word is exactly the same as what I would use.

All the tracks are solid. A nice progressive vibe going on here. A solid mix, with different levels of euphoria. And also a deep house level you haven't heard in a long time. All is in this mix, and it should make you a happier bunny. It has certainly made me happier, and I will now check out the actual album. Whoever Franky Wah is, you have gained another follower.

I fell in love with this mix due to 'Green & Gold', but 'Tomorrow' is also a wicked track.

Want something different? Something to match your sunny surroundings? Check this out!

DJ: Franky Wah

Genre/Style: Progressive House, UK Garage, Deep House, Deep Techno

Mix Info: Franky Wah - The Revival Volume 1

Length Mix: 01:09:07

Tracks: 14 (fourteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2020

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown


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