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Fresh Press Vol. 1 (Mixed By Burgaboy) (2023)

I've been quiet throughout the week, but that's because I've started a new job, so I had no time to review. Well, I did, if I'm being honest, but after a hard day of work, you just want to remain comfortable on the sofa, and then go to bed. I've not found my pattern yet, but once I do, you'll see more reviews. But for now, it's maybe one or two a week. But what a mix we have got for you right now. It wasn't even the one I found, which I'll explain later. But it's a Bassline, 4X4 mix made by the legendary DJ Burgaboy!

I have been a Bassline fan for many years, and Burgaboy has always been one of my favourite producers from the scene. Hell, I even purchased his own album! At one time I even had his Birthday Bash CDs, but I lost them somewhere. Burgaboy's music has always been my cup of tea, very interesting and very danceable music. And very catchy, to say the least. He's been a favourite, and for this Soundcloud channel called Viibers, he made two mixes so far. And it's because of me finding the second mix that I stumbled upon the first mix.

I have been an avid listener of everything Burgaboy related, and these two mixtapes are a warm welcome. Especially when it's cold and miserable outside. We need something to warm us up, and Bassline music certainly has the capability to do just that. The bounce factor is tremendously addictive, and it keeps you moving vigorously.

According to the mix info section, Burgaboy brought the finest and freshest Bassline tunes, and that is certainly an understatement. He brought the fire. This mix is lit!

  1. Burgaboy vs Beyoncé - Drunk In Love

  2. TRC - Runaway

  3. Jaikea - Run That

  4. Keg One - I Keep Falling

  5. AdotR - High Up

  6. TS7 feat Bianca Gerald - Take This Time

  7. Notion - Found Love

  8. Burgaboy with Lauren Mason - PS (2023)

  9. TRC - Goulies

  10. DJQ - I Couldn't See

  11. Kyle George - Nostalgia

  12. Sammy Virji - Daga Da

  13. TS7 feat Trilla - Going In

  14. Burgaboy - We Run Tingz

  15. Subzero - Quarantine

  16. Burgaboy with Donaeo - Ravin V.I.P.

  17. DJ Q - Heavy Like Lead

  18. NLMT - Magic

  19. Notion - Dy-Na-Mi-Tee

  20. JG - Shake Dub

  21. Vamos - Be Afraid

  22. Burgaboy with Slick Don - Poppin Off

  23. TRC - Toybox

  24. Subzero feat Sacha - Powerless

  25. JG - Afterparty

  26. Burgaboy vs Destiny's Child - What's My Name?

  27. Zero - My Boo

  28. Keg Fools Venz - Wanna Loose

  29. TRC feat Kay Ryder - Down For You

  30. Burgaboy - No Means No

  31. Sammy Virji feat Lucy Virji - Alright

These are a nice bunch of records. A bit of the 'old' with a bit of the new. This takes me right back to the golden years of Bassline, and they were fire! The tunes that were released, they were amazing, and still to this day do I like to go back in time, and listen to these songs again. Especially Burgaboy's songs. But he wasn't the only one in the scene destroying speakers. A few of the biggest names are also in this mix, like TS7, Subzero, DJ Q, AdotR, TRC, and the list goes on.

This has only been online for 3 months, and already gained 27k+ plays on Soundcloud, which is insane, but it's worth it. People seem to love Burgaboy and miss the Bassline sound a lot, hence why they jump onto it that quickly. We need to bring back the good ol' days. Bring Back Bassline!

It makes me smile, hearing mixes like this one. Again, it wasn't the first mix I found, but it's certainly one that I had to listen to, and I'm glad that I do so. Again, #BBB. Bring Back Bassline. It is such an awesome and much respected style, and one that should get more recognition of the power it has over the dancefloor massive.

There are 31 epic records, but which one is the best? That's tricky, but I would say 'We Run Tingz' and 'Ravin V.I.P.'. both made by Burgaboy.

A solid mix, and it's wobbly enough for you all to give this one a go. And why not check out the second instalment of this mix series? Trust TCD, I do know what I'm talking about. And this mix series is seriously the hottest thing out there right now. And it's all because it's a Burgaboy mix. We need more Burgaboy boy!

DJ: Burgaboy

Genre/Style: Bassline,4x4, UKG

Mix Info: Fresh Press Vol.1 (Mixed By Burgaboy)

Length Mix: 01:06:29

Tracks: 31 (thirty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

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