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Fucked Up! Podcast 092 - Steve Dekay (2023)

The weekend is about to start. And let's start with something very good, and I only discovered it the other day. Very grateful that I did, because it has made my day, and it's going to make my weekend even better! It seems that there's a podcast series called 'Fucked Up!', and for their ninety-second instalment of the series, they asked Steve Dekay to come up with an hour long mix. I've been a fan of Steve since his release of 'Nyctophilia' back in the day. When I heard that song for the first time, it blew me away. And it's still one of my favourite Trance anthems of all time, and that says a lot!

It is quite the name to have. Don't know who came up with the name, but it's an interesting name. The name might have caught my attention initially, but then I spotted Steve's name, and I knew it was going to be a big mix. It didn't come with a tracklist, but just a very generous account holder behind this podcast series uploaded the list, so I am very grateful for them doing so.

The DJ in question is a well known name in the Trance scene. This Colombian DJ and producer has been active in the scene for a few years now, and as mentioned before, my introduction was around 2017. His track blew me away, and to this day I am impressed with Steve's music. So you know exactly what happened once I spotted this mix on Soundcloud: I jumped on it, and fell in love with the music. A list was provided, but it made the mix even more interesting, and you'll know exactly why in a second!

  1. Steve Dekay - ID

  2. Steve Dekay - Bellatrix

  3. Steve Dekay - Underverse

  4. Steve Dekay & Allen Watts - Hologram

  5. Steve Dekay - Epic

  6. Steve Dekay - Pulsar

  7. Steve Dekay - Hypnotica

  8. Steve Dekay - Nectar

  9. Steve Dekay - Inferno

  10. Steve Dekay - ID

  11. Steve Dekay - ID

  12. Steve Dekay - ID

  13. Steve Dekay - Black Magic

  14. Mark Sherry & Steve Dekay - Smiler

  15. Safri Duo - Played Alive (Steve Dekay Remix)

So many ID-less records. They could be upcoming releases, or just unreleased records. But if they aren't released, they sure as hell should be. The mix is only 57 minutes long, and as 'Fucked Up!' as it might be, it has given me enough energy to get through today. The heat is making me melt, and energy less. But this mix is given me just the right amount of power. It is 57 minutes of pure bliss by this fantastic producer.

All these tracks are glorious. Not a huge fan of the Safri Duo song, but I've never been a fan of it. Seen them live at Mysteryland 2001, and it was OK. But it didn't blow me away.

What did blow me into a billion pieces, was Steve's song he did with Allen Watts, which was called 'Hologram'. What a beast of a track! It is up there, in my top 3 Steve Dekay songs. Nyctophilia is obviously number one, but this one is close second. Big track. Fantastic build up.

But it grows, this mix does. From Trance to a bit of Techno influences. And I love it. The title of this podcast series might have been 'Fucked Up!', but it's the opposite. It isn't fucked up at all! It is one splendid mix that put a smile on my face.

Now, the only curious thing for me to figure out is... the names of the ID-less songs.. anyone got any clues as to what they should be?

DJ: Steve Dekay

Genre/Style: Trance, Techno, Tech Trance

Mix Info: Fucked Up! Podcast 092 - Steve Dekay

Length Mix: 00:56:56

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

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