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Future Gabber of the 90’s (2022)

Tuesday, Gabber day. But not the 90s Gabber, but the present day Gabber. Confused yet? Well, don't be. Let me explain. Gabber was a big thing during the 90s, and was part of the immense scene we call Hardcore. It was a distinctive sound that we loved a lot, but over the years got buried under a lot of subgenres. But it was so loved and appreciated, that in the present day there's a small group of producers keeping this 90s sound alive and kicking. Obviously keeping it real and present too, but still maintaining that feeling we loved.

J.O.E., the channel to go to if you are a fan of the harder styles, has uploaded a brand new mix with futuristic Gabber sounding tracks. Or maybe the term 'futuristic' seems to be out of place. It's more likely present day made Gabber, that's a term that suits this more. And you all know I'm a sucker for this kind of Hardcore. It's certainly cool that Gabber from the 90s is revived and still has that specific sound we love.

I am a sucker for something that is new, but sounds old. And J.O.E.'s mix seems to be made at the right time, and found by me at the right time too. I needed this today a lot: it's grim and everything's a bit meh, but this seems to change my mood. I need this, and so do you.

You love your 90s Gabber? Well, check this out:

  1. The Bloody Deamon & DJ A.D. - Bass Place

  2. Painbringer - Everything or Northing

  3. Gabberf#%ker - Guide me to Freedom

  4. Lockjaw - Hypa

  5. The Bloody Deamon & DJ A.D. - Straight from the Underground

  6. Painbringer - Never Say Die

  7. B.S.E. - Murders

  8. Wicked XXX - Outlaw Renegade

  9. B.S.E. - Lowered Level

  10. Painbringer - Carlito’s Way

  11. The Bloody Deamon & DJ A.D. - Kick ‘a’ Drum

  12. Painbringer - Children of Pandemonium

  13. X-Fly - Check it Out

  14. Morax - Denonic Screams

  15. Lockjaw - I Will Be Master

  16. Painbringer - Inner War

  17. X-Fly - We Rock The Hell

  18. Arvid - System Reboot

  19. Biodome - Going Underground

  20. MainStage Mafia - Welcome to the Galaxy

  21. Gabberf#%ker - Take A Step-back

  22. Biodome - Oldschool Hardcore

  23. Wicked XXX - Old Skool Mafia

  24. Ferra - Hold Me Back

  25. Rodox Trading - F#%k My Music

  26. Painbringer & Mystery - Balance

  27. The Ctrl & Brutal Force - Learn A Lesson

  28. Kamikaze - Super Broke

So, you might be looking at this, thinking you do recognise a few names, and you're not wrong. A few of these names have been in many mixes, and have been pushing Gabber/Hardcore for many years, like Painbringer, Mainstage Mafia, B.S.E., Lockjaw, and more.

For us, Gabber lovers, it is good to hear new music. The sound needs to remain alive and kicking, and in 2022 we do need Gabber more than ever. And whenever I find a mix that contains new music, it always makes me want to listen to them more than once. And J.O.E.'s latest mixes have been really amazing. This is another jewel. An hour long, with 28 'new' records. I do say new, but a few I've heard before. But new, compared to the music released in the 90s.

I can talk for hours about this 'new' Gabber, but I'm not. I would urge you, if you were a gabber in the 90s, to give this mix a go, and open your eyes for this new view on the old Gabber sound. I really appreciate it, and I think this could improve your day. J.O.E. takes us on a journey, and it's really a pleasant one. More of these, please!

DJ: J.O.E.

Genre/Style: Gabber, Hardcore

Mix Info: Future Gabber of the 90’s

Length Mix: 01:03:28

Tracks: 28 (twenty-eight)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: J.O.E. - Soundcloud Channel

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