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GBB Podcast 033 - Tim Vitek (2018)

The best thing about working from home is the fact you can listen to whatever you want, as loud as you want. Guess what I have been doing today? A lot of filthy music has been pushed through my eardrums, and gosh darnit, I loved every second of it! And today I have found a new mix series on Soundcloud, and I reckon you are going to love it too! Unless you are Eminem and you hate Techno. In that case you can sod off.

The mix series I'm taking about is the Grid Based Beats podcasts, and this is the thirty-third edition of it, mixed by Tim Vitek. I've had a quick look on their channel, and the last few podcasts were also mixed by Tim. Don't have a clue who he is, but what I do know is that he has mixed together beautiful records, and the end result is a beast of a mix.

I think I've said it in the past: you can't go wrong with Techno. It's just so wicked, timeless music. Techno doesn't change, people change. This mix shows us yet again why we all, and I do mean all, should embrace Techno, and listen to a Techno mix at least once a day.

01. Collabs 3000 - Acid Trezcore

02. Tim Vitek - Hollow

03. Theodore Elektrk - Galactica Actual

04. Submerge & Hiroko Yamamura - 2.XCTR.7130

05. Kareem Smith - Junk Mail

06. Restructured - Revival

07. Ethan Fawkes - Mirage (Mark Neenan Remix)

08. Sumerian - Low Life

09. Doug Cooney - Complete Circuit

10. Mark Therblig - Spectre

11. Tim Vitek - Disaster

12. SG3 - Rhythmic Vibe

13. Mike Gervais - Assailant

14. Tunnel - This Path (Steve Stoll Remix)

Truth be told, I only recognise one name. All the others are really unknown to me. But that's just the power behind this music: we should not really give a shiny shite about the names, it's all about the music. And that's really it. I'd rather know none of the artists. This means the music is more underground. Or it could also mean that I've been in my mancave for too damn long, and I need some fresh air.

Tim Vitek's podcast is really good. And I'm not saying it because I need to, it's genuinely the truth. A nice relaxing mix, with some serious Techno slammers.

Got no negative feedback to give. If you love Techno, check this out!

DJ: Tim Vitek

Genre/Style: Techno

Mix Info: GBB Podcast 033

Length Mix: 01:00:00

Tracks: 14 (fourteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Grid Based Beats - Soundcloud Page

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