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Ghost In The Machine - One Louder Mix (2018)

From Breakbeat Hardcore to Techno. Oh how life can throw everything and anything at you, at a moments notice. But it is all worth it. Imagine a life without great music surrounding you. That, surely, seems boring? But this next mix is surely the opposite of boring. To the well educated person the name Ghost In The Machine might be known, but to me the name doesn't ring any bells. I literally saved this mix as a favourite because it's got a tracklist. And it's Techno. Can't go wrong with Techno, right?

So, Techno. Not a style that I review that often, which is obviously a shame. But today I'm going to, so be ready for some Techno madness coming through your speakers. As you are aware, I like my Techno to be rough, hard, and dark. And Ghost In The Machine's mix, which was to celebrate a new EP release back in 2018, is all three of the reasons why I love Techno. Even though I love it, I don't consider myself a connoisseur, more a fan. A fan since 1994.

OK OK, so I'm a noob, and don't even know the act that made this mix. Don't judge me, at least I'm listening to this mix. I quickly had a look on their Facebook page, and it seems that this is a Dutch act? Interesting. But before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let's focus on what they mixed together in this special mix for Perc back in 2018. It's dark, edgy, and I freaking love it!

  1. clipping feat Sickness - Body For The Pile

  2. Mark Morris - MM00003000

  3. Leiras - Neopagan

  4. Forward Strategy Group - Code#02

  5. Tymon - Godless

  6. Rebekah - Anxiety

  7. Ghost In The Machine - Bells Of Steel

  8. Subjected - Steel

  9. Cassegrain - Trappist (The Mover Remix)

  10. Energetic X - Dementia

  11. Ghost In The Machine - Tank Station VIP

  12. Marla Singer & Casual Treatment - Rate

  13. Ghost In The Machine - PSKDT

  14. Perc - Spit

  15. Umek - Zadiox

  16. Ghost In The Machine - Dream Grill

  17. Clouds - Complete Control

  18. Charles Fenckler - Raven

  19. Ansome - Snake Eyes

  20. Dep Affect - Death Self

  21. Ghost In The Machine - Like A Version

  22. Speedy J - Something For Your Mind

  23. Ghost In The Machine - Hold My Drink

  24. Perc - To The Bone

  25. Polygon Window - Quoth (Wooden Thump Mix)

  26. Scalameriya - Kepslok

  27. Circuit Breaker - Trac-X

  28. Energetic X - Philanthrop

  29. Manni Dee - Cameron On A Guillotine

  30. British Murder Boys - Learn Your Lesson

Now, again, I'm not a connoisseur, but I do love Techno. Especially when it's done correctly. And Ghost In The Machine's mix seems to tick all the boxes. The hour has literally flown by, and I didn't even notice it. And that to me is a testimony of how great a mix is. If it's dull and not inspiring, the time goes by too damn slowly. But if it does go by quickly, the music speaks to you.

I did notice a mixture of 'old' and 'new' tracks. And I freaking love it. The funny thing is, is that you need to pay attention to hear if a track is old or new. It's because they blend in so nicely, And it's also a testimony that these older songs are timeless classics. And some even borderline to Hardcore music. So damn rough and tough.

The mix grabs your attention, and won't let you go. And Ghost In The Machine's records are solid. I love the old and new records, but the one record that blew me away the most, has to be 'Trac-X' by Circuit Breaker. Big track from the early years..

A wonderful mix. If you like your Techno to be slightly dark and vicious, this is the mix for you!

Act: Ghost In The Machine

Genre/Style: Techno

Mix Info: Ghost In The Machine - One Louder Mix

Length Mix: 01:17:35

Tracks: 30 (thirty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 177 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2018

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

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