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GiBCAST034 - DJ Ad (2023)

From a 5 1/2 hour long Trance mix to some Hardcore. How in one morning the music coming at me through my speakers might change. And it is a well deserved change: I need something hard, rough, and most of all, something different. And the mix you are about to listen to, on it's own merit, isn't that different, but the records in it are. I'll explain in a bit. But for now, let's talk a bit about the DJ behind this mix: DJ Ad. A name I've seen on many occasions and in many mixes, but never actually heard mix himself. This German DJ and producer has been very active in the Hardcore/Gabber scene for a few years now, and has build up this reputation for awesome music. And now it's time for me to hear this latest mix, which he did for a channel called Gabber Industries Berlin.

Not much is known about DJ Ad. As mentioned, I've seen his tracks in many mixes, but didn't even know he was German! His ethnicity isn't really important here, it is what he does as a producer, that's more important. And what he does is glorious! He and a few others are keeping the 90s Hardcore/Gabber sound alive, in 2023! And I admire everyone that does that. It's a niche market, granted, but there are still thousands of ravers out there that miss the 90s sound, and would sell a leg just to relive the past with some new and exciting tunes.

Hence why DJ Ad is so important. He makes music that resembles the 90s so much, and has got this distinctive sound to it, one that can be contributed to the 90s. I can count on one hand the amount of producers that are keeping the old sound alive, and I feel we should cherish those producers that do. Well, as long as they do a good job, and DJ Ad seems to have mastered the sound, and made it his own.

This promo mix for both Gabber Industries Berlin and DJ Ad is to highlight the potential of DJ Ad and how awesome his music is. But which records did he select for this mix?

  1. Intro

  2. DJ Ad - Rock Beyond The Thunderdome

  3. Wicked System - Rock & Boulder

  4. DJ Ad - Ma Casio

  5. DJ Ad - Rotterdam Is Hard!

  6. The Bloody Deamon & DJ Ad - Straight From The Underground

  7. Interior - Rock This! (Terror Eimbert Remix)

  8. Davie Forbes - Apocalypse Now (Casketkrusher & DJ Ad Remix)

  9. Interior - Gemini (Ratacore Remix)

  10. DJ Ad - Check My Sound

  11. TotenKore - Shut Up Bitch

  12. Interior - Mental Atmosphere (Original Mix)

  13. DJ Ad - Venture

  14. Interior - My Hardcore Force (U-NIQUE & DJ Ad Power Mix)

  15. Pug Speed - F.M.S.

  16. Terror Eimbert & DJ Ad - So Good!

  17. DJ Ad - Sick Rave

  18. The Bloody Deamon & DJ Ad - I'm A Freak

  19. Wicked System - Troubled

  20. Casketkrusher - Very Cosmic

  21. U-NIQUE & DJ Ad - Dope Jam

  22. Casketkrusher & DJ Ad - Power Beat

These are all 'new' tracks to me. And it made me happier to hear these tracks. It means that I have been pleasantly surprised from the start to the end. Not saying that I hate mixes that contains tracks that I know, but when it's Hardcore/Gabber music and it's ALL new tracks that I've not heard of before, and they resemble a sound long gone, that makes me happier than ever before.

There are sounds in each record that a die-hard Gabber would know. They were used in other records, but DJ Ad took those sounds, gave it a spin, and made records so fresh, so unique, so energetic. That's the word I was looking for: energetic. I am sitting here, waving my hands in the air, bopping my head up and down, and my feet are stomping on the ground.

The track that did the most damage to me, was 'F.M.S.'. I'm not going to explain what it means, you just need to check it out, and you'll immediately know what F.M.S. stands for.

This mix made me very happy, and the tracks are all solid! DJ Ad, you've gained a fan for life! Keep on pushing the old school sound, and I'll be raving like it is 1995! Awesome stuff!

DJ: Ad

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Early Hardcore, Breakbeat

Mix Info: GiBCAST034 - DJ Ad

Length Mix: 00:53:01

Tracks: 21 (twenty-one) + Intro

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

More Information: DJ Ad - Soundcloud Channel

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