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Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - F*CK! The Album (2020)

It's nearly Christmas, and most shops are f**king closed. So we cannot do any Christmas shopping in real shops, online shopping is the only thing that keeps us going. Many people are currently struggling due to multiple reasons (COVID being a big one), and when we do get something thrown at us, we grab it with both hands. But not this album I am about to present to you. It depends: you might love GPF, or extremely hate them. Which camp you are, you will certainly underline the 'importance' of this album. And the good timing for it to be released.

As your standard GPF reviewer, I could not let this album go pass. I have already missed out on their previous album. But seeing as I am a cheapskate and love things that are for free (I'm Dutch, you know?), I had to download this album. But, there's a catch! If you don't have Twitch, you cannot get it. So hurry up and create an account, and follow the Greazy Boys on there. And once you do, you are greeted by a 28 track album, compressed into this .rar document. Unzip it, and be a happier person.

Now you might be wondering, what the hell is on this album? Can't find any details online? Is it filled with rejected tracks? Are they the tracks that would never get commissioned to be released officially? Basically, are they shit? Well, yes. Remember, it is made by GPF. Quantity over quality, eh?

Yes, it contains a few records so awful, you don't want to even pay for them, they are that bad. But it's not all bad. They've included a few big GPF dancefloor smashers, like the one from that shitty film 'Frozen, or what about 'I Fucked A Girl' by Mizz Behave and GPF ! 28 weird and yet delightful records. Requested by everyone and literally no one.

One thing aside: GPF do have a brilliant marketing team. And with this team they are getting the word out. Or, in this case, the noise. So, instead of spending any money on shite you don't need, why not get something for free from the boys at GPF HQ.

  1. GPF - Roll The Fucks

  2. GPF x Rene Karst - Atje Voor De Fuck

  3. GPF - Thousand Fucks

  4. Headhunterz - Fuck Within (GPF Remix)

  5. GPF - Fucking On The Ground

  6. Unkind - Overload

  7. GPF - Fuckissues

  8. Lil Texas x GPF - Blank Fuck

  9. GPF feat Da Tweekaz & Spinazie Hunterz - Dragon Porn Fuck Part 69

  10. GPF - Spooky Scary Skeletonz

  11. GPF - Tardgedy

  12. Da Tweekaz - Moana (Caine and GPFs 200bpm Donk Fuck Duck Piep Kicks Remix)

  13. GPF - We Feel Like A Fuck

  14. GPF & Mizz Behave - Fuck Met Die Banaan!

  15. Da Tweekaz - Frozen (Caine & GPF's Frozen Duck Fuck 197bpm X-qlusive Remix)

  16. GPF & Mizz Behave - I Fucked A Girl

  17. GPF - Barbie Fuck

  18. GPF - All I Want For Christmas Is Fuck

  19. GPF - Raggafuck

  20. GPF - Meat Fuck

  21. GPF - Fuck! (Rooler - Yes! Fuck Up)

  22. Toneshifterz - Australia Fuck (GPF Fuck)

  23. GPF - Fuck My Mind

  24. GPF - I am Your Fuck

  25. GPF - Suck On My Fuck

  26. GPF - Venga Fuck

  27. Mizz Behave - Fuck From Reality

  28. GPF - Everytime We Fuck

All this for free! Christmas has cum early, and so have I. The tracklist can also be retrieved once you have downloaded and unzipped the album: you get a nice cover and tracklist image. So don't worry, you will know which records you have just downloaded for free. And you should thank the boys for this.

Now, the thing is, that with GPF, you never know what they are going to do, or play, or release. And that's just mysterious. Even the fact that we are not sure who's behind GPF. Someone stated that Matty stopped it, and some say it's Sefa and Rooler. And that Caine is homosexual. But this uncertainty can certainly be funny. It cannot be explained to those who do not listen to GPF.

You know, sometimes they do make a wicked dancefloor slammer. No joke. For example 'Blank Fuck', 'Fuck Within', 'Moana', 'Frozen, but then on the other hand you have got the most fucked up shit ever, where it's just a normal track with piep kicks, like 'Venga Fuck' , 'All I Want For Christmas Is Fuck', etc. And sometimes they do find a balance between fucked up and 'actually a good 'record'' , like 'Dragon Porn Fuck Part 69'. You just don't know what to expect, and this is what attracts a lot of people.

As you are aware, I am a fan of GPF, and do think their latest release is a wicked present from them. It's amazing to get all these records from free. And don't overthink each record, just have fucking fun. The world is already a messed up place, why not have a laugh when you are out and about, raving?

Best record? The Dragon Porn record, and Rene Karst's record. Such a catchy Dutch anthem. Which record is the worst? Barbie Fuck'. There, I've said it, a GPF track I didn't like. Now what, wanna fight me?

Download this for free via Twitch. Merry Fucking Movember everyone!

Ps. as an added bonus, here's their livestream, in which they promoted their newest and freebie album!

Artist: Various Artists + GPF

Genre/Style: Puzzycore, Uptempo Hardcore

CD Info: FUCK! The Album by Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz

CD: 1 (one)

Length CD: 01:23:02

Tracks: 28 (twenty-eight)

Label: Greazy Records

Product Number: unknown

Download/Listen : DOWNLOAD HERE (TWITCH)

More Information: GPF - Facebook Fanpage

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