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Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Lovin' Ain't Greazy DeluXXXe Edition (2018)

Christmas has come early this year! Today I checked my front door, and there was a package. A very unusual package, which stated me as Mrs. And also Greazy. I already had a feeling that it was something unusual, seeing as I did not order a single thing (already done all my Christmas shopping; the local service station in Southgate has made a lot of money of me, and I hope the missus likes windscreen wipers as a present). When I opened it, something greeted me. A pocket size dildo. Now you can say whatever you like, but this really made my day!

Not only did it contain a dildo, but also stickers, an album, a fan, and a nicely written Christmas card. Showcasing a naked Santa. This has literally put a smile on my face, and the missus laughed also! It's weird that something so small can make you happy. We've had a dreadful year, and this has really been one of its highlights. But seeing as I am a blogger it would be weird talking about everything else, and not the bloody exclusive album.

The album. Well, it's seXXXy, that's what it is. It did come signed and with a dent, but I reckon it was a cock that caused the dent. A rather small one though. It's looks very shiny and glittery, And it contains a fuckload of exclusive records. 11 to be precise. So you have to fully understand the fact that this album, once its sold out, will never appear anywhere again. And seeing as it's the deluxe version, trust me: it will be sold out. Or maybe it already has. Fuck knows.

Anyway, what to expect? Well, it's difficult. It's something so unusual. Online you've got many people loving its quirkiness, and on the other hand many haters who do not understand the meaning behind this, and how this can be seen as music (e.g. my mum and dad). It's highly enjoyable. But unusual. You won't find anything similar to this in the scene. No act is like GPF, and never will be.

Let me show you what your Euros will buy you. Basically what you will get. It's only €16.69, so you can spend that kind of money: pay day is soon, bitches!

01. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Lovin' Ain't Greazy

02. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Puppet Fuckerz

03. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Greazy Fuckdrum

04. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz with Caine - Kendal Fuck 2.69

05. Sjammienators & Ysiss - Boogie Woogie (GPF Remix)

06. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Kicks Out For Harambe

07. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz with Omkara - Going In Dry

08. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz with Mind Compressor - Spaghetti Love

09. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Fuck Me Daddy

10. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz with ToXic Inside - Fuck Breaks

11. Malice & Rooler - Aggressive Acts (GPF Remix)

Bonus Sex Dungeon

12. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Harmony Of Fuck

13. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz with Caine - Kendal Fuck 6.69

14. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Greazy Fuckdrum (N-Vitral Fuck-Up)

15. Caine - Let's Get Pillz (GPF's Lets Get Fuckz Mix)

16. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz with MC Jeff - Cummin' On Ur Face

17. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Kicks Out For Matty (RIP MATTY)

18. MC Ludo - Marren-Kessel Tunnel Rave (GPF Remix)

19. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz with Blaster - Puzzy Blazter

20. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz with Caine - Fuck Buddy

21. Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz - Spaghetti Love (300BPM Bazz Boozted Remix)

22. Rooler - Domination (GPF RIP MATTY Remix)

These tracks are absolutely not new to me: been listening to the majority of GPF for a while now. And in their latest GPF Sextape they've shown us all the tracks already, and it has made my day. And you want to know a funny thing? I only found out about them via Soundcloud: I wasn't looking for them, but I saw their mix for an event they played at. I gave it a go, didn't know what happened, and BOOM! I'm a fan.

I loved everything they have done. I'm always the person who listened to the weirdest music. At school/college/uni I was the one who stood out from the rest. Pop music? Fuck that. Emo rock? Too soft for me. Techno? YEAH. Hardcore? YEAH. And now Puzzycore can be added. It's this uncontrollable desire to hear more. The beats, bassdrums and kicks, I just can't stop myself.

Nearly had an accident last week on the M25 when I was listening to their sextape. It's the power of the music that controls me. And now I can officially announce that I'm their biggest fan. And deep down inside I know they are a fan of TCD too. Who isn't?

Back to the album. I've heard and seen them all before. I've watched their Defqon.1 set over and over again. And every time I hear their mix I find another record I really appreciate. This time it's their version of the 'Marrel-Kessel Tunnel Rave'.

I hope my body will manage their music when I go to the Netherlands to see them perform at this exclusive event. You should join too. Hope my kidney will be in working order, and not bouncing around up and down. But if it does, who gives a shiny shite? YOLO, as the kids would say. You Only Live Once. Or maybe we should come up with a new GPF abbreviation?

Anyway, another wicked album. If you dig it, you'll love it. If you are a hater, you hate Matty, and Harambe the gorilla. And for doing that, you will go to hell. Don't hate, appreciate! Or just have no opinion whatsoever. Makes my timeline much more pleasant!

Ps. click on the link below to find all the info on where to get the album. And I've added four of the records you will find on it. Hurry up, you might miss out.

Act: Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz

Genre/Style: Puzzycore

CD Info: Lovin' Ain't Greazy deLuXXXe Edition

Length CD: 69 minutes

Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)

Label: GPF Recordz

Product Number: 406170104282

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