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Happy Hardcore (2018)

Oh guys, this title is misleading. I know this has been a debate within the Hardcore scene, what to call the style, but I think it is still called UK Hardcore, and will be called this till the end of days. But it can be misleading: I was looking for some Dutch Happy Hardcore from around 1995-1996, and came across this mix. At first I was slightly disappointed, but quickly turned around. I saw the tracklist, and it make me extremely happy. You all know how much I love UK Hardcore, and this mix is jam packed with goodies from the scene. You will see what I mean in a minute.

DJ DDDM has uploaded this mix about a year ago, and it contains the finest UK Hardcore anthems you can find. Ranging from the standard UK Hardcore sounds to Powerstomp (what has happened to that?), from the biggest names to the upcoming names in the scene. You will find them all in here. So if you are experiencing a boring and shite Sunday morning, you might want to give this a chance. Unless you think UK Hardcore is shite, in case I would suggest you go somewhere else right now.

01. Audiotricz - United As One (Zero Hero Remix)

02. Darren Styles & Callum Higby - TMA

03. Da Tweekaz & Darren Styles - Heroes (170 Mix)

04. Darren Styles - Satellite

05. Dougal feat Soffie Davies - Senses

06. Stonebank - Stronger

07. Dougal & Gammer feat Hannah Faulkner - Knight In Shining Armour (2015 Update)

08. D-Code & Emma - My Direction (Squad-E Remix)

09. Mark Breeze feat Heidi Anne - 15 Seconds

10. Skrillex & Nero - Promises (Gammer Edit)

11. Kayzo - This Time (Gommi x Tyeguys Remix)

12. Darren Styles & Re-Con - Quiver

13. Scott Brown - Now Is The Time (DJ Kurt Remix)

14. No Sweat vs Joey Riot - Find The Feeling

15. Darren Styles - Screwface

16. Dowster & Vagabond - My Little Fantasy (Eufeion 2017 Remix)

17. Scott Brown - Taking Drugs

18. Scott Brown - Neckbreaker (Dougal & Gammer Remix)

19. Brisk & Trixxy - Eye Opener (Dolphin Hardcore Bootleg)

20. Dab Hands - Super Good (Sy & Unknown Remix)

21. Apollo - Dance (Re-Con Remix)

22. Flyin & Sparky feat Charm - Down To You (Joey Riot Powerstomp Remix)

It's Sunday morning, the weather is ok for now (will turn absolutely hot today), and I'm doing a thousand things at the same time. You want some good anthems to get you through the day. This mix could be interesting to those UK Hardcore lovers who are looking for a 'classic' mix.

You get the 'newer' classic and the old classic, and I know a lot of you out there love the older stuff more than the newer stuff. I'm one of those. Who doesn't love 'Dance' by Apollo, remixed by Re-Con, 'Super Good' by Dab Hands, remixed by Sy & Unknown, etc? It was difficult and not an easy task to select the best record, but after considering which anthems DDDM has selected, I have to select 'Taking Drugs' by Scott Brown. Probably his best record ever!

There are some small mixing errors, cross fading issues. But don't let that be an issue for you (unless you are as picky as I am). All in all a good and entertaining mix. This will certainly get me through the day.


Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp

Mix Info: Happy Hardcore

Length Mix: 01:25:01

Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 194 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

More Information: DJ DDDM - Soundcloud Page

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