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Happy Hardcore Classics 161 'Remixed III' (2021)

It's Monday, Bank Holiday Monday. Most of us will be relaxing, getting ready for a short week. But for today, whatever the reason might be for this Bank Holiday, let's end it on a high. Let's play some UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore. And the place to be for that kind of music is obviously the only page on Soundcloud that matters: History Of Happy Hardcore. The only place to go to, if you are searching for something Happy Hardcore related. And I'm not wrong: 16.1k followers, 633 (what I'm guessing are) mixes. It's the place to be, and today I've got a mix from 2021 you might appreciate...

It's a remix appreciation mix. A bit of the old, and a bit of the new. And everything in between. If you are searching for happiness, this mix will certainly bring a smile on your face. It did for me. But you have to be a lover the UK Hardcore sound. If you are, you will certainly appreciate this mix, and what HOHH has done. A nearly 2 hour long mix with melodic and euphoric happy music. And the artists are all big names from the scene. Don't believe me? Scroll a bit further down and have a look at the tracklist, and you will know immediately what I'm talking about.

As mentioned before, it's a mixture of the old classics remixed, and a few newer ones. It's a pleasant journey through UK Hardcore rich history, and HOHH's selection of anthems is interesting, to say the least. A lot of happy vocally tunes, and that's what we need right now. You are probably not happy at the moment, thinking you need to work tomorrow, but we can turn that thought upside down, and put some happiness in your head. Or, when I say we, I mean HOHH.

The tracklist is an interesting one, one you would really want to see:

  1. N-Trance - Set You Free (Hixxy Remix)

  2. United In Dance feat Jenna - Shining Down

  3. Demo - You're Mine (Slipmatt 2007 Remix)

  4. Slipmatt - After Dark (Remix)

  5. Stealth vs Al Storm - Flowers Needs The Rain (Al Storm Mix)

  6. Slippery Project - Something Like This (Dougal & Gammer Remix)

  7. Stealth - Love, Life & Happiness (Darwin Mix)

  8. Bang! - Give Me A Reason (Al Storm)

  9. DJ Breeze - I Got A Feeling

  10. Bang! - Shooting Star (Darwin Mix)

  11. Bang! - Break Of Dawn (Al Storm & Euphony Remix)

  12. SMD - SMD#1A (Sparky & Sytronik Remix)

  13. Slippery Project - Jump Around (Fracus Remix)

  14. DJ Chewy - Rock This Place (DJ Kurt Remix)

  15. Bang The Future - Body Slam (Sy & Unknown Mix)

  16. Bang! - Sailaway (Storm & Euphony Remix)

  17. SMD - SMD#2AA (Al Storm Remix)

  18. Visa - Fly Away (Al Storm Remix)

  19. Triple J - Have It All (Al Storm Remix)

  20. Triple J - Eternity (Darwin Remix) (Intro Mix)

  21. Jack Speed - Everybody Here Tonight (Daniel Seven Remix)

  22. Bass-X - Hardcore Disco (Spyro Dub)

  23. Scott Brown & Gilliant Tennant - Every Time I Close My Eyes (Ultravibes Remix)

  24. Q-Tex - The Power Of Love (Shimamura Remix)

  25. Darwin & Jack In Box - Love Toy

  26. NP Project - Sudden Impact

  27. Rise And Shine - The Rusher (Jack In Box & Darwin Remix)

The tracklist looks great, but it's not all about the list of records, is about the mix. And that's the most important thing here: is the mix any good? Is it worth listening to? And the answer to that all important question is....

YES. If you want something nice and happy to get you through today, Something happy is what we always need, and also it's important to keep our mental state as happy as possible. And HOHH has done the perfect job: a nice compact happy mix, nearly 2 hours long, but those hours do fly by. And the records selected are really ace.

I was familiar with most of these, but they still managed to put in a few records I've not heard before. So it's not just a blend of old and new, but also well known and new records. And I freaking loved it.

It's made my day. So many great anthems in here, but Stealth's 'Love, Life & Happiness' (remixed by Darwin) was the one that got me the happiest of them all.

So, in short, you want to listen to some happy Hardcore, jump on this mix right now, and start following HOHH on Soundcloud. You will thank me later!

DJ: History Of Happy Hardcore

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: Happy Hardcore Classics 161 'Remixed III'

Length Mix: 01:48:23

Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 248 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2021


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