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Happy Hardcore Classics 57 'Scott Brown: The Anthems '96-'99' (2016)

Scott Brown. The ultimate legend of the UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore genre. The anthem making machine from Scotland. If you never heard of UK Hardcore or Happy Hardcore before and you needed to be introduced properly, you should look out for mixes made by Scott Brown or contain Scott Brown records (like the one you are about to listen to). This man has single handedly shapen Hardcore and made it a better place for us ravers. No matter which event or where the location might have been: play a Scott Brown record and the rave would go off! Madness all the way!

Be it as Scott Brown, Q-Tex, Interstate, or whichever alias it might have been, his influence has been tremendous for years. He's still seen as the King of Happy Hardcore by many, and his music is still played all over the world. Of course he wasn't the first to make/play it, but he has been a pioneer since the music was created. He influenced many other artists,and he is still going strong today!

The Soundcloud channel 'History Of Happy Hardcore' made this mix 3 years ago, showcasing how awesome Scott Brown was (and still is) in the late 90s, when he kept on making anthems after anthems. Seeing as this is the second instalment, you might miss a few well known records, but why not check out the first mix? Spread the SB love all around!

01. Interstate - Lost Generation

02. Scott Brown - New Sensation

03. Scott Brown - Andromeda

04. Q-Tex - The Mission From God

05. Q-Tex - Trip To The Hyperdome

06. Scott Brown - Hypnotik

07. Scott Brown - Feelin' Alright

08. Scott Brown - One More Chance

09. Scott Brown - Wheel Of Fortune

10. Scott Brown - Outside World

11. Scott Brown - Dream On

12. Q-Tex - The End Of Time

13. Scott Brown - Something Good

14. Scott Brown - Spaced Out

15. Bass Reaction - Technophobia (Scott Brown Remix)

16. Scott Brown - Perfecto

17. Scott Brown - Afterlife

18. Q-Tex - Influx

19. Scott Brown - Got To Keep Workin' (Scott Brown Mix 2)

20. Scott Brown - Drop That Beat

21. Scott Brown - Capricorn

22. Scott Brown - Rock To My Beatz

23. Q-Tex - Equazion Part 8

24. Q-Tex - Equazion Part 9

25. Marc Smith vs Scott Brown - Apocalypse

26. Scott Brown - Heaven's Gate

27. Marc Smith vs Scott Brown - Hits Me Like Thunder

28. Marc Smith & Scott Brown - Taking Me Higher

29. Scott Brown & Gillian Tennant - I'm The Only One

30. 2 Without Heads - U And Me (Hardcore Forever) (Scott Brown Mix)

31. Interstate - Get On Up

32. Q-Tex - Power Of Love (Scott Brown 98 Mix)

33. Scott Brown - Back Tracker

34. LOH - Crushed Testes

35. Euphony - Space Invader (Scott Brown Mix)

36. Scott Brown - I Don't Need Nobody

37. DJ Kaos - Sunshine (Scott Brown Remix)

38. Scott Brown - Healing Mind

39. Marc Smith & Scott Brown - Forever

40. Scott Brown & Gillian Tennant - Liberation

41. Bass-X - Horsepower

42. Scott Brown - Brain Basher

43. Scott Brown vs Bass-X - Make 'Em Clap

44. Scott Brown - Rubbenut

45. Scott Brown - Check It Out

46. Scott Brown vs Davie Forbes - Bust The New Jam

Now, that's a tracklist and a half! Bloody Nora, THOHH have made this wicked tribute mix to the legend, using a lot of obscure Scott Brown records I've not heard before. And I considered myself a huge fan. What an embarassing moment, if truth be told. But to defend myself: at least I know the mainstream records.

This mix is 3 hours and 20 minutes long. So no quick mixing/short radio edits, only the length necessary to get the message across. And people seem to like this a lot! Who doesn't want to hear piano focussed Hardcore records? A lovely bit of Happy Hardcore from 96 to 99? And the worst thing is, I can't pick a favourite record. Just simply because of the amount of awesome records used for this mix.

I think the message behind this mix is to sit down, press play and have a rave! Have a blast! Enjoy the madness that was created by Scott Brown. The ultimate hero. The unsung God of Happy Hardcore.

DJ: The History of Happy Hardcore

Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Bouncy Techno

Mix Info: Happy Hardcore Classics 57 'Scott Brown: The Anthems '96-'99'

Length Mix: 03:18:20

Tracks: 46 (fourty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown

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