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Happy Hardcore Legends (Dougal & Gammer Tribute Mix) (2022)

Oh, I love myself a bit of Dougal and Gammer. This legendary duo has made some excellent tunes during the golden years of UK Hardcore music, and they are still seen as absolute classics, and they go down well on the dancefloors and raves all over the UK to this day. If Discogs is correct, they started as a duo back in 2002, and their last tune was released in 2018. Those 16 years have been very good to all of us, and we've all purchased so many compilations which had their songs on them. Hell. you could have even purchased a few mix CDs which they were involved in, like Hardcore Euphoria, Bonkers, Hardcore Heaven, or their own CDs called First Order and We Love Japan.

I was looking for a new mix to listen to, and to share with my fellow Dutchmen on Partyflock, as there's a small communion of UK Hardcore/Freeform fans, and they like it when I share new music with them (I think?). I stumbled upon this mix (and a few others too), made by Dexx a year ago, and it's a tribute mix to one of our favourite duos, Dougal and Gammer.

It's not the first, nor will it be the last mix I will ever hear. There's always a craving for more Dougal and Gammer, but unfortunately we can only wish for it to happen... but until that moment we have to make do with the songs they already made. Which isn't a bad thing to be fair, trust me when I say that.

The mix is an hour long and it's got 15 amazing records in it. You want to see the tracklist?

  1. Dougal & Muttley - Get Hype (Scott Brown Remix)

  2. Dougal & Gammer feat Jenna - When I Close My Eyes

  3. Dougal & Gammer - Lifting Me Higher

  4. Dougal & Gammer - Don't Stop Go

  5. Dougal & Gammer - Trust In Me

  6. Dougal & Gammer feat Lisa Marie - Open Your Eyes

  7. Dougal & Gammer - Horns Of Jericho

  8. Dougal & Gammer - The Tunnel

  9. Dougal & Gammer - Expressions

  10. Dougal & Gammer - Rock This

  11. Dougal & Gammer feat Jenna - Lose Me Forever

  12. Dougal & Gammer - Guitar Hero

  13. Dougal & Gammer feat Jenna - Through The Darkness

  14. Dougal & Gammer - Xtreme]

  15. Dougal & Gammer - Fires In The Sky (Frisky & Hujib Remix)

This is a very nice looking tracklist, and it's got the big hits you were hoping to hear/see. Dexx has made a very interesting looking mix, but it's all about the sound, and we are all eager to know how it sounds, right?

It sounds great1 Really enjoyed the set, and it's got the big hits in it, and a few maybe less appreciated Dougal & Gammer tracks too, but they are worth to be mentioned, or in this case, played. Dexx keeps us on our toes, and his mix is a terrific ode/tribute to the legendary producers Dougal and Gammer.

The main reason for me why I like Dougal and Gammer is their use of vocals. They loved vocals, especially female vocals, and they always worked extremely well! They always had the finest vocalists on their songs, and they just uplifted each song to the next level. And in Dexx's mix there's a few in here, which will certainly take YOU to the next level.

The one track I really appreciate the most, is 'Trust In Me'. Those vocals are just blinding! So touching, so emotional, so beautiful! Is this the best Dougal & Gammer record ever made?

If you don't care about vocals, you can pretend to be a guitar hero expert, and listen to Guitar Hero?

A solid mix. I really enjoyed it a lot. Worth waiting a year to discover, and now it's going to go on repeat again! And there's also a second instalment, a second tribute mix to Dougal & Gammer1 How amazing is that?

DJ: Dexx

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Mix Info: Happy Hardcore Legends (Dougal & Gammer Tribute Mix)

Length Mix: 01:08:48

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022

More Information: Dexx - Soundcloud Channel


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