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Happy Hardcore Mix Vol.1 (2020)

We started with UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore, then talked about Trance from the 90s, and now we are back. Yes, it's another Happy Hardcore mix. And this time it's a mixture of everything, not just UK Hardcore. And as mentioned many times before, I am a Happy Hardcore fanatic, and always jump on each mix I find. Today's mix is an oldie, 4 years old, and got reposted only a few days ago, but because of that repost did I find this mix. So thank you, to whoever reposted it!

So, I don't know anything about the artist behind this mix. So let's jump straight into the mix itself, and the songs selected. Darren Deddley made this mix 4 years ago, and it's got some cracking anthems in here. And it's songs like these ones when I think of Happy Hardcore and the 90s. This is the perfect blend, tracks from all over the world in one mix. It is happy, and that's all that matters.

Happy Hardcore is such an important style, and it's loved by many, and equally hated by as many, or more. I'm a lover of the style, and it still brings a smile on my face. Granted, most of the songs in this mix are British, but they are the anthems that crossed borders and got played everywhere, all over the world. It was a phenomena that died too soon.

UK Hardcore continued, and it is still present to this day. But the proper 90s Happy Hardcore, that sound has stayed in the 90s. Unfortunately though, as it deserves to be alive and kicking.

  1. Marusha - Raveland (Wicked Mix)

  2. A Sense Of Summer - On Top (Hixxy Remix)

  3. Go Mental - Died In Your Arms Tonight (Rhythm Station Mix)

  4. Sy & DJ Demo - Sensation

  5. DJ DNA - Reality (Justin Time Remix)

  6. Highlife - Is This Happiness

  7. Helix - N.D.E.

  8. DJ Slam - Influence

  9. DJ Poosie - Gotta Get Down

  10. Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - DJ's In Full Effect

  11. Billy Daniel Bunter & JDS - Let It Lift You (Billy Bunter & D-Zyne Mix)

  12. Luna-C - Piano Obsession

  13. Eruption feat Katherine Woods - Let The Music

  14. JDS - Higher Lover (Exclusive Slipmatt Mix)

  15. DJ Paul Elstak - Luv U More (DJ Paul's Forze Mix)

  16. Tiny Tot - Discoland (Giorgio Prezioso Remix)

  17. Nakatomi - Children Of The Night (XXL Mix)

  18. Hixxy & MC Sharkey - Toytown (In Yer Face Mix)

A funny selection of records, I have to agree. Starting with Marusha, which is always quirky, and ending with a song I personally don't like. But the DJ has picked a good selection, it has to be said.

Funny that the first mix I reviewed today was a Bonkers 1 appreciation mix, and some of these songs have made their way into this mix too.I chose 'Let The Music' as my favourite of the Bonkers appreciation mix, but this time I have another song as my favourite. Can you guess which one?

It will always be the one record I have loved for YEARS. 'Higher Love' is my all time favourite Happy Hardcore anthem. Nothing, and I mean nothing can beat it. It's a classic, and one of Slipmatt's finest remixes ever made.

I found this mix very refreshing, and the songs are great. Didn't like 'Toytown', but I have never liked it. I know it's an all time rave classic, but I can live without it.

A solid mix. More of these Happy Hardcore mixes, please! Pretty please!

DJ: Darren Deddley

Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Happy Rave

Mix Info: Happy Hardcore Mix Vol.1

Length Mix: 01:13:59

Tracks: 18 (eighteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 169 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2020

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