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Hard Energy - Dance Anthems Xtreme by Ben JAMMIN (2020)

Let's finish today with a banging mix I had stored for a few weeks now, but did not do anything with it. Today is the day I am listening to this mix, and it has made me feel slightly younger again. It takes me back at least a decade, or even two! And it's a style of music I do not listen to very often, so when it does appear, it gets overlooked slightly by myself. But not today. Today we are going full on insane on Hard Energy Dance Anthems, taken to the x-treme (and you know shit is about to go down, when it's not written as normal, but more aggressively)

I went into this mix, not knowing the DJ or the songs used. And I'm now sitting here, smile from ear to ear, and acknowledging that this mix might contain some bangers, and might put a huge smile on YOUR face. And that's what this website is all about: sharing. Because doing that, you are caring.

DJ Ben Jammin made this mix a few years ago, and it gained a few positive responses on Soundcloud. And it is indeed a mix you want to hear. It's filled with mashup anthems, most of them you will know (or maybe all of them, if you are a connoisseur). I'm not always a fan of mashups, because some mashups are just horrible, but when they are done correctly, it could be a treat for your ears.

What is it you can expect in this mix? Well, these songs:

  1. Camisra vs Sandy B - You Make The Warrior Go Round

  2. Southside Spinners - Luvstruck

  3. Porn Kings vs Sash feat Stunt - Amour Encore Une Fois

  4. Energy 52 vs Love Inc. - Broken Bones In Cafe Del Mar

  5. York - On The Beach

  6. Klubbheads vs Tiesto - Lethal Bits & Pieces

  7. Regener8 - Fin Tribute

  8. Mauro Picotto vs Major Players - Come With Me Iguana

  9. Olive - Not Alone

  10. JX - Son Of A Gun (Garbe & Simon Remix)

  11. Peren vs Gala - We Wanna Be Freed From Desire

  12. Push vs Modjo - Lady In Universal Nation

  13. Push vs Styles & Breeze - Your Shining Legacy

  14. Matt Darey - Beautiful

  15. Darude vs Candi Staton - You Got The Sandstorm

  16. CRW vs 49ers - Move Your Feet And Feel Love

  17. Lange - Follow Me

  18. Y Traxx - Mysteryland

  19. David Forbes vs Public Domain - Blade Blizzard

  20. Cosmic Gate vs Jonah - Fire Wire 400

  21. Underworld vs Oasis - Slippy

This mix has got some bounce vibes throughout, and it's really pleasant to hear something I do not hear that often. Sometimes you just need to bounce, hard and vigorously. And that's what I'm doing now.

It is quirky, and it's jam packed with Hard House/Hard Dance anthems you all know. Well, I knew most of them. But not in this shape/form. I am absolutely NOT an expert on mashups, and this mix contains mashups I've not heard or seen before in my life. So I went into this mix not knowing what to expect, but it's been interesting. A fun journey. An interesting one. Small hints to my past, and the songs I loved growing up.

Most of the tracks I can appreciate. I just cannot accept Underworld's song. It might be a mashup, but it is so overrated. I genuinely hate this song with a vengeance. And I'm not a fan of Oasis either, so that ties in well. Oh, I cannot tolerate that record in it's entirety. Makes me feel very unwell.

But the rest are fine. It's different, and kind of quirky. I like it. Thanks Ben for this mix. Maybe I could become an expert if I just listen to more of these mixes, who knows?

DJ: Ben Jammin

Genre/Style: Hard Dance, Hard House, Bounce, House

Mix Info: Hard Energy - Dance Anthems Xtreme by Ben JAMMIN

Length Mix: 01:00:29

Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 138 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2020

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