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HARDCLASSICS festival warm up (13.07.2023)

Next weekend, a party takes place in Alkmaar. A party you might know. It's called Hardclassics. A concept that started back in 2009, but still going strong. And this year's festival is going to be a big one. With an insane and mind-blowing line-up, you will certainly have a wonderful time. The main focus of this event is the harder styles, but the 'good old days' sound. So the classics. So expect Hardstyle, Hardcore, Early Hardstyle and Rawstyle to be played out loud. But is there an other way of listening to harder styles? I don't think so.

You've got the Reminder area, the Hardclassics area, RAW Classics, and Nostalgische Deuntjes area. And playing throughout this whole event you've got a few names that you might recognise: Davide Sonar, A-lusion, Max Enforcer, The Pitcher, Frontliner, Josh & Wesz, Tatanka, Trilok & Chiren, Super Marco May, Dana, Luna, Pavo, Deepack, Thera, Alpha Twins, Jason Payne, Gizmo, The Masochist, Sequence & Ominous, and more. But those names should already get you insanely hyped up for the event, right?

I am not going. You know who is going? The man behind this mix: Audioholik. What he tried to do, is a) get everyone ready, and happy for Hardclassics Festival, and b) take us back to 2004. The mix contains some Dutch, Italian, and German Hardstyle anthems from this year, and some are known, and some are a tad obscure, lesser known.

Around 2004 I was still an avid fan of Hardstyle, and I do remember most records selected by Audioholik. Who doesn't recognise them, and who doesn't miss this sound? It is so glorious, and yet so underrated. But thanks to events like this one, the sound is kept alive and kicking, and gets people still going on strong, on this style from the mid noughties.

  1. Space Invaders - Anything Else (Dope mix)

  2. Miss Kitty vs Mystery - Party People

  3. Alpha2 vs Seizure - Rock The Sure Shot

  4. Punk Buster - What? (Sam Punk & Steve L Remix)

  5. Le Brisc - Keep It Hard (Rob Mayth Remix)

  6. Spacestorm - This Is The Storm (Hard Mix)

  7. Bassfillerz - Bring That Beat Back (Nightkiller Mix)

  8. Millo - Fuckin Trip On XTC (Second Trip Mix)

  9. Daniele Mondello - Commander (1st Mix)

  10. Chromo - Dark Reflex (Davide Sonar Remix)

  11. Fuckheadz - Fuck You (Upsynth Club Mix)

  12. Kai Jaxx - God's Child (Hardfox Remix)

  13. Rim Shotters - Rock This Party (Vortex Remix)

This is a very good looking tracklist. But leave that to Audioholik to come up with a wicked mix. This ain't his first mix, and won't be his last. His Soundcloud channel is filled with excellent mixes, and they are so dedicated to the early Hardstyle sound. His page is truly awesome, and you should give it a visit. Hell, if you feel lucky, why not even give him a follow?

I have, and I still stand by my decision. His page is truly awesome, and always makes me come back to Soundcloud, to check out mixes I've already listened to, or new mixes he's made. He keeps the entertainment level high.

And he's going to be there, at Hardclassics. You might even be lucky and spot him among the thousands of Hardstyle fanatics.

The mix is as tight as you would expect it to be, and the tracks are solid. Especially when 'God's Child' kicks in. I do miss the Trance sound in Hardstyle anthems. Or just Hard Trance in general, from around 2004. Boy, I mis that sound.

If you purchased a ticket, have fun! But why do I already know you will have a wicked time?

DJ: Audioholik

Genre/Style: Early Hardstyle

Mix Info: HARDCLASSICS festival warm up (13.07.2023)

Length Mix: 01:00:45

Tracks: 13 (thirteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 139 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: holik

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2023

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