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Hardcore Breakz Vol. 1 - 10 by Craig Scott (2022-2023)

If you are a regular to this site, you know I do love my music slightly faster, and harder. I do love everything with a decent bass, melody, and all the other bits that make a track stand out from the standard top 40 tunes. I am mainly a Hardcore Techno fanatic, but I can appreciate other styles too. And sometimes you rediscover genres you've forgot even existed, and it lights up a spark deep down inside of you. Thanks to Craig Scott, my Hardcore Breaks/Rave Breaks light has been lit, and something inside of me has arisen. And now, I am fully emerged into this largely underrated style!

Craig Scott's first mix was uploaded roughly 6 months ago, and I found it by accident. I was already following his Soundcloud channel, as I fell in love with his Hardcore Techno mixes. This new series, which he called 'Hardcore Breakz', was an instant hit! Not the success it should have been, but it was a hit in my eyes. I think I've played his first mix at least 100 times. And as of right now, I am listening to it. I am so in love with the concept of this mix series, and even though it isn't new and others have done it, Craig seems to have perfected it, and only chosen the finest tracks coming out of the scene. The finest of the finest. The crème de la crème, as the French would say!

Once I discovered this series, I started frantically look at Craig's page nearly every week, to see if he'd posted some new stuff. After the initial mix, it became my drug. I was an addict for Hardcore Breakz, and to this day I am hyped up to see new mixes emerge. He is my dealer, and I'm the junkie, waiting for new stuff!

I became addicted, and the craving was there. I've listened to all his mixes over and over, and only a week ago did the tenth instalment emerge. And I thought I would do this series justice by not writing a review of each mix Craig has done, but a combined review of all ten mixes!

Normally I am not a fan boy of anything. I don't always freak out. I've been disappointed in the past on many occasions, when you assume your 'hero' is awesome, and then you meet them, and they aren't as cool as you'd expect them to be. And I don't know Craig Scott nor have I ever met him, but his mix series does things to me. Unexpected things. Makes me feel extremely good, powerful, and energetic. He might be a very pleasant man, but it is the thing he's created I am excited about. Like a teenage girl am I sitting here, listening to his mixes. My heart skips a beat when I hear these freakishly good tunes.

Before I turn into a George Michael song, let me show you the tracks used for all mixes:

Hardcore Breakz 1

Z-Neo - Dope Enuff

Dystance - Rewindz

Z-Neo - Never Been To Berlin

Vinyltrixta - Make It Hardcore

Z-Neo - The Next Generation

Zensation - All Night Long

Z-Neo - High As A Kite

The Prodigy - Rip Up The Sound System (Paul Cronin Mix)

Z-Neo - Keanu Raves

Beardy - The Race

The House Crew - We Are Hardcore (Pete Cannon Mix)

Dragon Fly - Visions Of Rage (HWND Mix)

Gareth Monks - Power Plate

DJ H - Break Em

DJ Nexus - Techwaxer

BufoBufo - Golden Frog (Crashead Mix)

Crashead - Voidwalker

DJ Flow - Let's Go (Boizo Edit)

Z-Neo - For Your Love

Hardcore Breakz 2

Hardcore Breakz 3

Hardcore Breakz 4

Hardcore Breakz 5

Hardcore Breakz 6

Hardcore Breakz 7

Hardcore Breakz 8

Hardcore Breakz 9

Hardcore Breakz 10

If you click on the tabs above, it will show you the tracklist for each mix in this series. It took me forever to compose them all, so be grateful that I did. And if you aren't, don't worry: the track lists are also added to each mix by Craig himself!

These mixes are the dopest things on the internet right now. You cannot find anything on the internet as cool as these Hardcore Breakz mixes, trust me. And I would never say in public that I'm in love with something, but today's the day: I am in love with the Hardcore Breakz mix series, made by Craig Scott!

The tracks are all solid as a rock. The finest breakbeat anthems money can buy. Hardcore Breaks/Rave Breaks, give it a name, but it needs to stay true to the style. And all these records do exactly that. I get the early vibes throughout each mix. Like I am teleported back to the 90s, when Hardcore dominated the world and its Mother!

These mixes are to be treasured for life, and protected. They are fyah, as some of the track titles suggest. I am sitting here, fully in awe of each mix, and they are full of energetic anthems. If I close my eyes, I am back on the dancefloor, raving the night away. Sadly not in the UK, where most of these songs dominated everything. The Netherlands had a different approach to Hardcore. But I can just picture myself at those legendary events, dancing until the sun came up. Dance like no one was watching, and no one cared.

I don't want to spoil anything, but I do urge you to give this mix series a go. I've added a Soundcloud player below, which includes a few other mixes he's done (also oldskool mixes), but the Hardcore Breakz mixes are in there too. Seriously, such an underrated series. If there's anything you need to spend your precious time on doing right now, it is listen to this series, and relive the golden years! Go back in time!

Credit goes to Craig Scott, for making this awesome mix series! Keep up the good work! Hopefully we can write another blog in 6 months, when the next 10 are done...... (wishful thinking)...

Hardcore Breakz for life!

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