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Hardcore Countdown by Masters of Hardcore | Angerfist (2020)

2020 ended roughly 4 months ago, and yet we are still in this ongoing dream. COVID still has us by the balls, and the only thing we can do is wait and hope it will be over soon. 2020 had been a weird year, and had to end in a good way, celebrating the good year to come. Leave that up to Masters Of Hardcore. They decided to organise this online event, called 'Hardcore Countdown', with DJs such as Angerfist, Never Surrender, N-Vitral, F.Noize, and a Hardcore countdown to 2021, and a special 2020 MOH Yearmix. You went out of the old shitty year in style.

They obviously had to ask the man with the mask to lead the raving community toward the end of the year. The man I'm referring to is of course Angerfist. If you say Masters of Hardcore, you obviously firstly think of Angerfist. You might have heard of him, right? He's been doing great things, he might one day be the best DJ in the Hardcore scene. He's only been in the scene for a short period of time, but he has potential.

If you read that previous bit and think 'that TCD bloke is insane', you clearly don't know sarcasm. Of course the whole world knows Angerfist, and what he's capable of. He's been a stable force within the scene since the Millennium, and has been the number 1 Hardcore DJ for many years, and has gathered a cult following all over the world. I might be prejudice seeing as I appreciate his music, but I'm guessing he's the biggest Hardcore DJ and producer in the world, right? I can't think of another DJ who comes close to what Angerfist has achieved so far.

An obvious choice for MoH to have him end the horrible year that was 2020. For 57 minutes he took us on a journey, and that journey was a hard and rough one. We had to end the year in style, and only Angerfist is capable of us raising our fists in the air, and flipping of the year. I sadly missed the set, because I was intoxicated, but thanks to Youtube for being the platform it is, and capable of having this set on there.

So which tunes did Angerfist use for his last set of 2020? Well, you don't need to guess: heres' the tracklist:

  1. Angerfist - Revolution

  2. Nosferatu - The Hood

  3. Tha Playah & Broken Minds - Erased From The Dead

  4. Unfused - Avoid Failure

  5. Angerfist & Tieum - Just Know

  6. Angerfist - Born To Rule

  7. The Outside Agency - The Fabric Of Life

  8. DJ Mad Dog - That's The Sound

  9. Angerfist & Tha Watcher - Face My Style

  10. Angerfist - Mighty Methods vs Incoming (Mashup)

  11. Angerfist & Miss K8 - Madrid

  12. Gridkiller - Revenge

  13. Angerfist & Mike Redman - Reprogrammer

  14. Bloodcage - Bloodline


  16. Angerfist - Who Still Cares? (Tears Of Fury Remix)

  17. Skinrush - Facebreaker (Rapture Remix)

  18. Mindustries - Craftiest Trick

  19. Tieum & Angerfist - Smile About That

  20. Miss K8 - Hardcore Generation

  21. D-Fence - Covid 19

  22. Angerfist & Tha Playah - The Heartless

  23. Never Surrender & Angerfist & Nolz - Off The Chain

  24. N-Vitral - Start A Riot

  25. Tharoza - Brain Confusion

  26. Detest - The Return

So this happened. 57 minutes and 26 records all crammed in. You think you would end the year on a low? Hell no, not if it's up to Angerfist. He made sure you were moving your feet as fast as possible.

He does what he does best. He keeps the entertainment level high. And he plays a lot of bangers. There's no way of you just sitting still during this set. And you might be wondering how I stumbled across this set, right? Well, I was listening to one of Angerfist older albums, and I had the urge to hear more of him. A quick search on the old Google took me to this set. I am happy that they did. Really enjoyed the set.

As usual, I pick one favourite record. And that was quite easy: Nosferatu with 'The Hood'. Fight me if you disagree.

Anyway, this set. There's no negative feedback to be given. He does what he does best, and makes sure we are raving as hard as fuck. There's a good reason why he's the best Hardcore DJ in the world. And not only the best DJ, but also one of the finest producers out there.

Go get this down you. Let's relive the end of a horrible year, and hope 2021 is going to be much more pleasant to all of us. Fuck COVID, bring back the rave!

DJ: Angerfist

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Uptempo, Industrial

Mix Info: Hardcore Countdown by Masters of Hardcore | Angerfist

Length Mix: 00:57:38

Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)

Download/Listen (via Youtube): WATCH HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown


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