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Hardcore Randoms Mix (10 - 09 - 21)

Sorry for being quiet. I've been extremely quiet for roughly 2 weeks, but that's because I got married to the most gorgeous looking woman on the planet. So you can imagine that my mind was somewhere else, and wasn't focussed on reviewing. It's nice to take a break, but I'm back now. Back with a vengeance with a UK Hardcore mix. Don't hear them that often, but when they do appear on my timeline, I just have to jump on it immediately.

A couple of days ago, DJ Alex Threat uploaded this 'Hardcore Randoms Mix', Is it random? Yes, kind of is. It is filled with the big UK Hardcore anthems, some absolute dancefloor smashers, and some forgotten dancefloor breakers. But all of these tunes stem from an era when I was fully in love with UK Hardcore. It was everything to me, and I was one of the few Dutch people who were enjoying it a lot.

Alex just put this mix together on the 10th of this month, after a few beers, so it might not be as smooth as normal, but still enjoyable. But even with a few drinks in his system, he still picked an excellent group of records. Some so fucking good, I am sitting here with goosebumps! Wish we could enjoy this kind of UK Hardcore forever.

He made me blow off the dust of my UK Hardcore collection, and now I'm fully into the Millennium UK Hardcore zone. But you obviously want to see the tracklist? If you don't and you just want to be surprised by whatever Alex decided to play, go ahead, skip the next bit, and just go down to the Soundcloud player.....

  1. Sash Dee & Alex BassJunkie - Dreams Of Reality

  2. Da Tweekaz feat Oscar - Break The Spell (Hixxy Remix)

  3. Joey Riot vs Ron-E - The Rising

  4. Jamie Ritmen - Stalk You

  5. Technikore & JTS feat Alan Booth - Live Forever

  6. DJ Kambel - No More Joking 2015 (Chris Unknown Remix)

  7. Sy & Unknown feat Lou Lou - Right Here (Squad-E Remix)

  8. Technikore - Like A Meteorite (Aeris Theme)

  9. Kurt vs Micha V - My World

  10. Technikore - Hardcore Slut

  11. Andy Whitby & The Audio Hedz - Rock Ya Body (Gammer Remix)

  12. Rescue - Hate On Me

  13. Darren Hotchkiss & Stu Infinity - Last Goodbye

  14. Sy & Al Storm - Do You Love Your Hardcore?

  15. DJ Demand - Dark + Light (Re-Con Remix)

  16. Al Storm - STOP!

  17. Dougal & Gammer - Mind Scanner

  18. Sy & Unknown - What A Great Drug (Cold Turkey Remix)

  19. MOB - Your Eyes

He has had many mixes on Soundcloud before, and I've always enjoyed them, but with this one, he has gone one step further! He picked the best dancefloor smashers from a forgotten era, and crammed them in a 76 minute long mix.

The result is an astonishing mix. You cannot imagine me sitting here, married, and with a smile on my face! I am so happy to hear these songs again. Yes, I do see a few UK Hardcore mixes here and there, but to hear these specific anthems, it's just a blessing. What's happened to this style? Why has the sound changed so much? Can't we go back to the glorious years?

You can fight me in the comments, but I couldn't pick my most favourite one out of the 19 records, I've selected three songs, and if you agree or disagree, I couldn't give a shiny shite! 'The Rising' by Joey Riot vs Ron-E, 'Live Forever' by Technikore & JTS feat Alan Booth, and of course, probably the biggest underrated anthem of all time: 'Last Goodbye' by Darren Hotchkiss & Stu Infinity.

Yes, he might have had a few drinks and it's not 100%, but it is certainly extremely enjoyable. It has left me bemused and bewildered, and wishing the old sound could come back. And that's all you need to know. Still a fucking banging mix! Worth your time!

DJ: Alex Threat

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp

Mix Info: Hardcore Randoms Mix (10 - 09 -21)

Length Mix: 01:16:45

Tracks: 19 (nineteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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