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Hardcore Will Never Die 380 (Maynor Guestmix) (2021)

Hardcore will never die. Now that's a statement and a half, right? There will be a time when Hardcore will die, but that's probably not in our lifetime. Maybe in 3088 people will get bored of Hardcore music and decide to jump ship to bombcore. Or whatever the people in the future listen to. But for now Hardcore is much alive and kicking, and if you have been on Soundcloud, you must have been following this page, maintained by DJ ECZ, who is behind the successful podcast series called 'Hardcore Will Never Die', and for the 380th edition he played a guest mix made by Dutch newcomer Maynor.

If you have been a fan of early Hardcore being revamped by upcoming artists such as Maynor, Casketkrusher and more, you will immediately know who Maynor is and what he's capable of. As EZC mentions during the intro, he comes from the birthplace of Hardcore, The Netherlands. But not just the fact that he's from The Netherlands is important, it's also the fact that he has got the skills to produce Hardcore anthems in the 20s with that distinctive sound of the 90s. His records are certainly influenced by the 90s, that's for damn sure!

You can tell that he has a lot of inspiration from well known songs from the early Hardcore days. So many memorable details in each song. If this doesn't tickle your early (Happy) Hardcore bone, nothing will. Maynor knows how to capture the 90s in his songs, and in this 65 minute long guest mix he proves that he's at the top of the leader board. He shows us all how these forgotten sounds are to be recaptured and turned into glorious time capsule songs (=songs that have got this newer vibe but yet older style surrounding it).

Now you are interested, I've tickled your interest bone, right? So, let me show you what Maynor played!

  1. Maynor - My Beat

  2. Maynor - Back To The UK

  3. Maynor - The Music

  4. Maynor - Freaky

  5. Maynor - The Future

  6. Maynor - Burning Floor

  7. Maynor - A Night Like This

  8. Maynor - Burning Acid

  9. Maynor - Fly High Try

  10. Casketkrusher - Break This Motherfucker! (Maynor Remix)

  11. Maynor - Get Up & Party

  12. Maynor - If I Could ...

  13. Maynor - Get Busy

  14. Maynor - Panic

  15. Casketkrusher - Get Crazy! (Maynor Remix)

  16. Maynor - French Kicks, Licks & Dicks

  17. Maynor - Why?

When you hear this mix for the first time, your mind is blown into smithereens. You don't know what hit you. But slowly you are grasping the fact that you have just discovered a very fine Dutch Hardcore producer, and that his tunes are solid as a rock, and you are sitting there with a semi. Nothing to be ashamed about, I'm currently having the same feeling as you do.

All jokes aside, this is a solid mix. With a lot of excellent (*new*) tunes. And you can hear the influences clearly: he might have had a lot of influences when producing these records, but as familiar as they sound, he still made the tracks his own, and made them work. A lot of Happy Hardcore and 'normal' Hardcore vibes. Glorious, if you ask me.

I do love this mix a lot. This has got everything I wanted to hear. The old vibes in a new jacket. As familiar as these sound, they are brand new. And that's exciting too, as it makes me crave for more. The new 'old' sound really appeals to me, and when I close my eyes, I am back in my bedroom in Heerlen (The Netherlands), and I'm 16 again. Raving and stomping so hard on the floor that my parents are shouting to me to turn this 'fucking music DOWN'. Oh, that's just a glorious feeling.

A fantastic mix. And 'Why?' has to be the best. Why? Well, that's why!

DJ: Maynor

Genre/Style Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber

Mix Info: Hardcore Will Never Die Episode 380 (Maynor Guestmix)

Length Mix: 01:05:49

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 150 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

More Information: DJ EZC - Soundcloud Channel

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