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You would be thinking that today's mix is all about Ben Sims, but it's not. Well, he's got something to do with it, as he used his online platform to promote this mix, but that's all. It's all on the shoulders of Trackmaster Dre. Now you might be thinking 'who in God's name is Trackmaster Dre?', and no worries if you don't know the answer, Ben Sims is here to help. And it's also the reason behind this mix: to give upcoming artists a chance to shine!

I like the concept, and it's good to give people a chance to shine. Today's mix is the first one of this HARDGROOVE mixtape series, and has Trackmaster Dre playing a few wicked Techno tunes. 60 minutes of pure Techno. This Russian DJ and producer has had some big releases over the years, and those have been liked by some of the big names in the scene.

Ben Sims also played a lot of Trackmaster Dre's material, and of course he had to ask him to made this mix, as his latest EP was released on Hardgroove. A good way to start the mix series, eh?

So, without further ado, here's the tracklist. You might be a Techno aficionado or a complete noob, but one thing you will be able to underline after seeing this list and hearing this mix: it's a damn good, Chicago influenced mix.

  1. Metroman - Station 3

  2. Kuzma Palkin - SierpinskiSugrobChill

  3. Dean Cole - Time

  4. Dark Matrix - Two Be Black

  5. Truncate - Bipolar

  6. Surgeon - Klank

  7. Unknown - Private

  8. Heiko Laux & Teo Schulte - K Tune

  9. Steve Stoll - Model T

  10. Dave Clarke - Just Ride (James Ruskin Blueprint Mix)

  11. DJ Jes - Afterhours

  12. Paul Johnson - Soft Spot

  13. Unknown - Freaky Tribal Tool

  14. Boom Box - Strata

  15. Unknown - Modular 03

  16. DM - Lay Em Down

  17. Unknown - Magic d

  18. Rolando - Jaguar (Jeff Mils Remix / Trackmaster Dre Edit)

  19. 77ks - Parcae

  20. Metroman - Station 2

I do love myself a bit of Techno here and there, especially when I'm still half asleep, and need something to wake me up. Today is such a day, but truth be told, it's my birthday and start of our two weeks annual leave, so no need for me to be extremely active. I need something easy on the ears, and Trackmaster Dre's mix is just the one I needed to hear.

I loved the flow of this mix. It's a nice steady pace, and does not become a nuisance or in your face. It is really soothing to hear, and Trackmaster Dre has done a great job. A good choice to have as first guest mix for Ben Sims' mix series.

Only love and appreciation for this mix. Really enjoyed it. Not a single dull moment during this mix. An hour of pure pleasure, and someone who I will follow from now on. No, not Ben Sims, already following him, but Trackmaster Dre. Love his take on Techno music. Really gorgeous. And the mix too is awesome!

Best record? 'Station 3' by Metroman. Cool track to start your mix with!

DJ: Trackmaster Dre

Genre/Style: Techno


Length Mix: 00:59:16

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 142,3 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz

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