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Hardtrance Classics Vol.2 - Scot Project Edition (18-09-2017)

Yesterday I felt the urge to listen to some Hard Trance. And there was one record in particular I wanted to hear, which was made by Scot Project. This song was called 'L (I Want Your Love)'. We all know it, we all love it. So what I would normally do, is go to Soundcloud and see if there are any appreciation mixes on there, or megamixes by the artist themselves. And within about 2 minutes I found one with good audio quality, and a nice tracklist. It does not contain 'L', but that doesn't bother you? It doesn't bother me at all, seeing as I thought that this specific record was his best, but I was oh so wrong.

I found this mix rather quickly, and was amazed by the tracklist. The mix, made by Audioholik, and it had some great reviews from those who heard this set. And I have to say that I'm rather surprised by the amount of wicked tracks made by Scot Project. I was a late fan of Hard Trance, and missed out on a lot to be fair. I caught a glimpse of the scene before my attention went somewhere else. Which is probably the stupidest thing I've ever done. What's not to love? It's hard, and it involves Trance music? Stupid boy I am. I should have paid attention and spend some money. I wish I had purchased some albums.

A wicked set containing excellent records. Scot Project's 'L' is my favourite, but this set is filled with other anthems I should have heard when Hard Trance ruled the world. He has made some remarkable anthems over the years, but the 14 selected by Audioholik are truly something else, something unique. I was sitting in my audio room, constantly being amazed by the drops, the beats, the basses, the melodies, and I couldn't contain my happiness. I have been smiling from ear to ear, and this set has truly, and remarkably, made my day.

The tracklist is a piece of art. De piece de resistance. That doesn't make any sense, but you know what I mean. Check it out, you Hard Trance nutters!

01. Beam vs Cyrus - Thunder In Paradise (Scot Project Remix)

02. Scot Project - FM1 (Feelin' Me) (Original Mix)

03. Derb - D.F.C. (Scot Project Remix)

04. Arome - Visions Of Paradise (Original Mix)

05. Orions Voice - Cockroaches (Scot Project Remix)

06. Scot Project - O (Overdrive) (Original Mix)

07. Microbots - Cosmic Evolution (Scot Project Remix)

08. Arome - Somebody (Hangover Help Mix)

09. Hypetraxx - Paranoid (Scot Project Remix)

10. Brooklyn Bounce - Club Bizarre (Scot Project Remix)

11. Yoda - Definitely (Scot Project Remix)

12. Sakin & Friends - Braveheart 2006 (Scot Project Remix)

13. Tocs - One (Scot Project Edit)

14. Arome - Visions Of Paradise (Scot Project Remix)

Scot Project is the KING of euphoric build-ups. Just check out these tracks, and you will know what I mean. He loves to build up towards this climatic moment, and when it all comes together, it comes together in such a unique fashion, it's hard to sit still. I've been bouncing up and down here, and couldn't be any happier.

Do I still consider 'L' to be his masterpiece? Nope. I've changed my perspective. All 14 are evenly as great as 'L', if not even greater. This unique and lost sound is still fresh as a daisy, and in 2019 I am still embracing it. Do I prefer Hard Trance over Trance? That's a difficult question, one I'll answer another day. But today, certainly today, I am happy to have found this mix.

So many great anthems in here, carefully selected and mixed together. Audioholik's mix is really tight. It was difficult to pin point the best record of this mix, because there just so damn many. There were two that stood out the most 'FM1' and 'Visions Of Paradise', the original version. Crikey, these tracks are just pure gold. If you ever have to play a Hard Trance set and you are not playing any of these, are you even a DJ?

All jokes aside, Scot Project is a legend. And this set proves to us all why he should be embraced even more. He has made some timeless anthems. Hard Trance, Hard House, Early Hardstyle, call it whatever you like, but to me it's heavenly music. And I couldn't care less what you call it. If this is the kind of music they play in Heaven, I won't be sad to have left my physical state.

Scot Project is a boss. Definitely. What a blinding set, Audioholik!

For those that are interested, there's more on his Soundcloud page.

DJ: Audioholik

Genre/Style: Hard Trance, Hard House, Early Hardstyle

Mix Info: Hardtrance Classics Vol.2 - Scot Project Edition (18.09.2017)

Length Mix: 01:34:30

Tracks: 14 (fourteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 216 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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