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Harmony of Hardcore 2024 | Oldschool Gangsters warm-up by Marc Acardipane

If you have been living in a cave and haven't been outside yet, you might need to adjust your expectations. It's hot today, and so it was yesterday. I finished working at 1:20pm, and once I got home, I was excited to do some chores around the house. One of them being doing the garden, and the other cleaning the car. Those are chores, and you need something awesome coming at you through your headset. I needed something that would take me back to my youth, and OBVIOUSLY I listened to a promo mix by the Godfather of Hardcore, Marc Acardipane. The living legend himself.

As mentioned, this is a promo mix, and it's for next week's Harmony Of Hardcore, which takes place in Erp, The Netherlands, and the tickets are all sold out. So if you didn't get a ticket, you will be very sad. Why? Well, because of the sick line-up. There plenty of areas to visit, but if we just stick with the area Marc is playing in: Stanton, Potato, Rob Gee, J.D.A, G-Town Madness, Nico & Tetta, MD&A, Rob & MC Joe, Painbringer & Ruffneck. Tell me that doesn't look awesome, right?

To get everyone hyped up, Marc and others have given their promo mixes to Harmony Of Hardcore, and now there's hours of fun on Soundcloud. What, you think Marc's mix is a bit boring and you want something else? Why not check out mixes by Drokz, Hysta, Soulblast, Bass-D, Arjuna, Potato, and more. I'll stick with Marc's mix, as he's to me the most influential artist to have started this scene back in the early 90s, and still remains an excellent producer. And his catalogue remains the most influential to many. Hell, he's called the Godfather for a good reason.

But what's in this mix? Is it your standard Marc Acardipane a.k.a. PCP nonsense? Well, hold on tight, this is what you can expect:

  1. Marc Acardipane feat Da TMC - Don't Touch That Stereo (Original Mix)

  2. Marc Acardipane - E-Ternal (Original Mix)

  3. Ruthless x Dave S - FCKDP (Original Mix)

  4. Marc Acardipane & The Stunned Guys - Gloria (Original Mix)

  5. Promo - Vicious Circle (Marc Acardipane Remix)

  6. Miro - Extraterrestrial Bass (Original Mix) w/ Miro - Destroy (Original Mix)

  7. Miro - E-Shifter (Original Mix)

  8. Marc Acardipane - Return To Zero (Original Mix)

  9. Marc Acardipane - A New Mind (Cold Rush Phuture Mix)

  10. Miro - Shining (Original Mix)

  11. Miro - Bass Machine (Original Mix)

  12. Marc Acardipane - Atmos-Fear (Original Mix)

  13. Marc Acardipane - Into Sound (Marshall Masters Remix)

I consider myself a fan of Marc since the early days, and it's always amazing to hear those wonderful tunes being played, but when I discovered this mix, I was a bit surprised to hear some 'new' anthems. Some I could not find any details about, like 'FCKDP' and 'Gloria'. If you have got more information on when they were released, of it they are to be released.

It is a solid mix, but that's always the case. The classics will always bring cheers and smiles for miles. And you'll never be tired of hearing them. This set has been online for roughly 3 days, and already 2k+ plays. People want more. And so do I. Marc was there during the 90s for me, and he still remains a very significant individual in the Hardcore scene.

And when he was asked to do a remix for Promo, he made 'Vicious Circle', and I love it a lot. A bit of Promo and a bit of Marc, all in one track. Don't even recall them ever doing something together? Maybe they should. But what a stunning track. 'Gloria' is second to that, but 'Vicious Circle' cannot be beaten.

I wish I could go to HoH, but maybe one day I might. If I'm quick enough to get tickets, as I'm normally quite late. Those that are going, enjoy yourself, and hopefully the weather will be pleasant enough to dance outside, in the sunshine.

DJ: Marc Acardipane

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Gabber, Oldschool

Mix Info: Harmony of Hardcore 2024 | Oldschool Gangsters warm-up by Marc Acardipane

Length Mix: 00:44:55

Tracks: 13 (thirteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo (don't touch my stereo)

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2024

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a day ago

There are plenty of tickets for sale on Ticketswap if you still want to go to Harmony of Hardcore 2024! And I cannot agree more with you about Marc! He is the TRUE Godfather of Hardcore!!! That's why I am also looking forward to the set Marc is doing with Miro in the terror area as "Kotzaak Allstars"!

Me gusta
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