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Headless Horseman // Headcast 02 (2024)

Headless Horseman. You think you've seen and heard it all. And than this comes along on Soundcloud. Never heard or seen the name before, nor have I seen a headless horseman before. No intention of seeing one, as I'm sure they are quite mythical and kind of scary, so I'd rather much avoid them. But maybe when it comes to the artist Headless Horseman, I might give it a go. If you are as unfamiliar as I am, the only thing you need to know is that this artist makes and plays Techno music. And that's also the only info I could find.

Not much is known. It's a mysterious artist. And I tried my best to find more information, but I simply could not find anything. If you know more, please do leave a comment below. Would be interesting to find out a few details. Not all of them, of course. But yeah, a mystery artist, who has uploaded a new mix, which is called Headcast 02. Again, guessing it's linked to the name of the artist, but that's all I know.

I simply found it by listening to another Techno mix. And it's an interesting one. I went into this mix without any expectation, but I was kindly happy to have found this mix. I've listened to it a few times, and I am still in awe of this mix. Happy to have found it, and the records selected for this mix are really awesome. Techno, Techno, and even more Techno!

Let's dive straight into the mix, and let me show you what you can expect:

  1. Brälle - The Dead Space Between The Stars

  2. Andres Cetre & Lizzy M - State Of Tension

  3. Danya - Encode

  4. Casual Treatment - Heritage

  5. Laniakea - The Fabric Of Reality

  6. Metapattern - Blinded By Safety

  7. Conceptual - Not An Easy One

  8. Magna Pia - Daphnis

  9. Heist Mode - Brick Step

  10. Clotur - Broken Symmetry

  11. Lakej - Formless Nature

  12. Uun - Double Aspect

  13. Michel Lauriola - Complete

  14. Lakej - Special Advice

  15. JK Flesh - Human Nature (Reeko Remix)

  16. Dimi Angelis - Ice Warrior

  17. Lidvall - Above The System

  18. Oxygeno - Flames Around

  19. Norbak - Amarante 9am

  20. Lewis Fautzi - Complete Cycle

  21. Patrick Carrera - Rungir6

  22. Ø [Phase] - Exiting The Delusion

  23. Liza Aikin - 1806

  24. Headless Horseman - Untitled

This is a solid mix, with a lot of unknown records. A lot of unknown artists too, but that's just the mystery to me when it comes to Techno. I don't need to know much, as long as the music is banging. And the music is indeed banging.

Headless Horseman, still a weird name to type and say, has made a very cool mix. So many unknown records, and the only artist I recognised were JK Flesh and Dimi Angelis. The others are truly unknown. But that makes it more mythical, like a headless horseman.

But the vibe throughout is extremely good. Again, I wasn't expecting to find this mix, but I'm glad that I have found it. It has given me enough energy and power to get me through the day, and I am sure it will get me through more days. This has been a wicked mix, and I'm glad to have discovered this headless horseman.

Best record? I couldn't pick one. There's a plethora of records which are truly awesome. You pick one, and leave a comment below, which record is your favourite.

DJ: Headless Horseman

Genre/Style: Techno

Mix Info: Headless Horseman // Headcast 02

Length Mix: 01:08:52

Tracks: 24 (twenty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2024

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