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Hellbound Mix By Predator (2019)

As a teenager I remember purchasing the whole Hellbound collection. Well, I think it was the full collection (vol. 1 to 6, right?). Anyway, I've played them over and over, until my ears started to bleed and my record player did not appreciate the discs anymore. That's how much I loved this CD series. And I have to say that they were more damaged than the Thunderdome collection. And that says a lot!

But for those who think Hellbound is something only relevant in the past, you are wrong! This weekend, and I'm not joking, Hellbound is taking place at The Box in Amsterdam, and since 1995 they've been alive and kicking. Hardcore until we die, eh? With a killer line-up this is an event you certainly don't want to miss: Franky Jones, Sequence & Ominous, Lady Dana, PCP Live, Predator, Arjuna, Resonant Squad, Xqruciator Live, Frantic Freak, and this is only the first area!! Can you Adam and Eve it? What a sick line up.

One of the DJs performing has made a wicked promo mix. And the DJ I'm talking about is Predator. Ask him to make a promo mix and you know that there will be a good outcome! So here's the tracklist to this 36 minute long promo mix. And yes, it's got the classics! Mouth wateringly good.

01. Omar Santana - Necronomicon (Omar's Remix)

02. The Alternative Creators - Sound Creation (DJ Isaac Remix)

03. Annihilator - Ye Shall Die

04. The Coalition - 9MM

05. Predator - The Strongest Gang (The Hood)

06. Omar Santan - Get Ready Muthafuckas

07. Party Animals - Used & Abused

08. Da Predator - Final Confrontation

09. DJ Isaac - Bad Dreams

10. Tellurian - Get Raw

11. Zerox - Pumpin'

12. Omar Santana vs Scott Brown - Mad To Da Bone (Hard Mix)

13. Leviathan - Yes, No

14. ID - ID

15. Bruyaa & Ozonic - Broadcast

16. Davie Forbes - Techno Renegade (Scott Brown's Mix)

17. Bio-Forge - Turbulence

18. True Hardliners - Fuckin' Noise

19. Darrien Kelly & Scott Brown - Geleihoofd

20. Dark Destination - Don't Fuck With Me

21. 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It

Will you look at this, eh? This takes me back to the solid days of Hellbound. Do you remember those days,eh? I love these records, all selected carefully by Predator.

Truth be told, this is NOT the actual music from the Hellbound albums. Of course I cannot judge the events that took place in the 90s, never had the opportunity to visit one, but the music does not resemble what you could find on the albums. They were harder and rougher Hardcore. The records you wouldn't find anywhere else. It was soo damn tough, and only the hardest motherfuckers would appreciate it. Not saying I was as tough, but still hard enough.

You can check Youtube for those albums. But am I complaining now about Predator's mix? Not really though. It's still filled with excellent Early Hardcore music, and you all know how much of a fan I am of this kind of music.

Best record? No debate possible, it's Leviathan's 'Yes, No'. Such an underrated classic. If there's a top 100 of all time classics, this should be in the top 10, definately.

I've experienced some recording issues when I was listening to this mix, but those are small. Don't let those take the fun away from this mix. Check it out right now, and if tickets are still available, make sure you get them. Be part of a legacy, spawned in 1995, and alive still in 2019. Hellbound.

Side note: I just realised that the compilation in question was called 'Hellsound', and not 'Hellbound'. How stupid am I, eh?

DJ: Predator

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore

Mix Info: Hellbound Mix By Predator

Length Mix: 00:36:07

Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Hellbound - Soundcloud Page

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