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HPTG Music Interview (Daniel Seven) (2018)

You might have seen this event on Facebook: Ravekick – 100% Happy Hardcore – #001 Lift Off Launch Party. This event takes place on the 24th of March 2018 at the Popcentrale in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. It’s organised by a brand new collective, called HPTG music. I’m speaking to one of the people behind this new collective, Daniel Seven, and talk about this event, the future, and of course a bit about his own past/present & future. So this is a duo interview. Enjoy it, and make sure you attend this party!

Hi Daniel, how’s life? “I’m doing fine. Life has its ups and downs, with blocks falling down like a Tetris game. Being a good player and planning ahead is the way forward.”

Before we start talking about yourself, can we first discuss this new collective you are part of. HPTG music. Can you explain to me what this is, who’s behind it, and what the mission is? “HPTG Music is a record label founded in 2018, as a foundation to the HPTG Collective. We are 7 artists coming from all over the world, with different cultures, but having a mutual love for the music and a good amount of synergy. Our mission is to deliver our music as a pure art form to the world – placing the “fun” before anything else.”

A brand new collective, with a mission. And there’s more happening. At first, you’ve got an event planned in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, on the 24th of March. Can you tell us a bit about why your first event takes place in the Netherlands? Why not the UK, or Italy, or anywhere else? “We believe that the Happy Hardcore roots are in the Netherlands – back to the 90s there were many Happy Hardcore events. Also, nowadays there’s a lack of Happy Hardcore events in the Netherlands (and probably also around Center Europe – where Happy Hardcore used to be the epicentre of these events). So, we chose the Netherlands because we want to bring these vibes there again!”

It’s a risk. Many have tried to pull off a UK Hardcore event abroad, and some have been succesful and some haven’t. What’s the secret behind this new event? “Showing that we are making these events because we want to have a good time – and give an opportunity to let ravers be themselves without any dress code or “behaviour code”. That’s what rave culture used to be in the past, and that’s how we want Ravekick to be! Music is meant to connect people, not to divide people.”

The line-up is quite cool: Fracus & Darwin, Vau Boy, Alaguan, Triplestar DJ and Furystomper (and yourself too). On Facebook you mention the fact that the focus is on getting UK Hardcore and Happy Hardcore to the Netherlands, and with only one goal: raving! Music wise, what can the people expect? “Good, energetic, hectic, funny, uplifting, dreamy music, you name it. With our music, we want to express ourselves, and let even other people express themselves. Ravers will be our inspiration!”

If there are people out there who do know Happy Hardcore, but not UK Hardcore, can you explain what it is? “Not really. I think that UK Hardcore is how Happy Hardcore was called in the UK, back to the early 2000’s. It’s literally the same thing, really. Happy Hardcore isn’t just a genre, is a movement, a scene, with no country and cultural boundaries. It can be happy, dreamy, sad, angry, energetic, whatever. It’s music.”

What will you personally play? Will there be records from your latest album in your set? “I’m going to play a selection of my own tracks – including a few from my album – and possibly also a selection of my favourite actual happy hardcore tracks. I’ll play also “Teardrop” alongside Lexi, which she will be performing as a vocalist here at Ravekick.”

Let’s talk abit about yourself. I’ve just talked about your latest album, which was called ‘Electronic Happy Dreamer’. You worked alongside artists such as Fracus & Darwin, M-Project, Emi, Hotchkiss, MOB, Olly P, and more. How did the album come about? “My music had always a distinct dreamy feeling, with Eurodance beats, happy melodies, uplifting lyrics and a nod to my childhood memories from the 90s – including legacy home computer multimedia, videogames, europop and eurodance music, and hi-fi tweaking (I was so happy everytime I saw a vinyl turntable, cassette and CD player in an all-in-1 system). Electronic Happy Dreamer is how I define myself: I still want to keep these memories alive in my music – and connect to the people who had a childhood similar to mine”

Which record are you the most proud of, and why? “Rainbow Lights, with Japanese producer M-Project and American singer-songwriter Zoe VanWest. I’m so proud of it because when I saw Zoe performing it at MetroCon 2012, people loved it and even singed it along. She still keep telling me this record is an evergreen!”

Not only will HPTG music throw an awesome party, but also release an album, with tracks by the people behind this new collective. Can you explain to those who are interested why they should purchase this album? “Our music is about a pure art expression form, not following any actual fad or trend. We want to keep this expression going on, and by purchasing the music (or supporting it through Spotify and Soundcloud) you’re helping our mission, and we can deliver better music in future!”

When will the album be released, and will there be clips online? “The album will be released March 24th – alongside the event, and it will be available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, SoundCloud, TrackItDown, JunoDownload, and many more outlets.”

Back to the event. It’s obviously a big thing, to arrange such a party. Why is it, that I’ve left the country (the Netherlands) and now it’s starting to become big? “Happy Hardcore is starting to spread again after the amazing support is getting from the United States, even in a mainstream channel.”

The entry is free. Is there a dresscode? “As said before, Ravekick will be not having any dress codes or anything like that.”

What are the future plans for HPTG music? Any plans yet for future events? “We are aiming at making more events around Central Europe and more compilation albums.”

Thanks to Daniel Seven for this short but interesting interview. Make sure you are in Dordrecht on the 24th of March, where all the fun is going to be. With a very cool line-up, you won’t be disappointed. Also make sure you check out Daniel Seven on several social media outlets and the new label/collective HPTG! With their approach to UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore, they will become the next best thing!

And, as another bonus, here’s Daniel Seven and Triplestar’s latest release ‘S.P.A.G.H.E.T.’, which you can get for free from Soundcloud!

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