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Impact Records Tribute Mix (2022)

I do love the 90s, and keep finding new bits and bobs every day. I like to learn and explore the hidden gems, and today's mix is one that's focussed on a label created back in 1992 by the legendary DJ and producer Seduction. It was originally a UK Breakbeat Hardcore label, but around 1994 it started to shift to more Happy Hardcore music. I've not come across any dedication mixes before, so it's all new to me. The tunes however, which you can find in this mix by DJ Virus, are known to me. Not all of them, but most of them. Checking the tracklist and what I see is something special for you all.

If you haven't checked this mix yet, you should. DJ Virus is back with yet another epic and awesome mix, and he's done an amazing job: he's filled this mix with so many anthems, unbelievable. The dedication to make this work is truly admiring. The tunes speak for themselves, but just to make a mix sound so smooth... he gets my appraisal. The last few mixes I've found on his Soundcloud channel are epic, and I favourite a lot of them lately, since I discovered him on this social platform.

He's not disappointed me yet, and today's mix isn't one that will go down as a bad mix. It's the opposite. I am a sucker for Breakbeat and Happy Hardcore, and just by looking at the tracklist you know what's in store: 77 minutes of pure pleasure. Without further ado, let me show you the songs he used for this mix, and you can then decide if it's as good as my description of it, or even better...

  1. Seduction - Let The Rhythm Take Control

  2. DJ's Unite - Volume 2

  3. Seduction - On My Own

  4. Seduction - Is This Real

  5. Seduction - Cuckoo In The Jungle

  6. DJ's Unite - Volume 3

  7. Seduction - Move Ya Body

  8. DJ's Unite - Bass Penetrates

  9. Static Substance - Follow My Beat

  10. Seduction - Sub Dub

  11. Seduction - You Can Dance

  12. Static Substance - Ghetto People

  13. The Godfather - Look To The Light

  14. Seduction - Live Together (SL2 Remix)

  15. Static Substance - Happiness

  16. Seduction - Technoid

  17. Inspiration Point - What Do I Do

  18. Seduction - Really Dark (But Not Too Dark Mix)

  19. Mystic & Fire - True Love

  20. Overdubb - Eruption

  21. Seduction - So In Love (Happy Stomp Mix)

  22. Seduction - Drop The Bass

  23. Seduction & Dougal - Better Day

  24. Seduction - Can U Feel It (94 Revival Mix)

  25. Seduction - Samplemania

  26. Edit V - Burning Love

  27. Eruption - Just A Feeling

  28. Edit V - Sensation

  29. Euphoria - Euphoria

  30. Sy & Unknown - Let The Bass Kick

  31. Eruption - Nicey (Remix)

  32. Sy & Unknown - Sudden Impact

  33. Euphoria - Show Me Your Love

  34. Vibes & Wishdokta - Destiny

  35. Pooch - Feeling This Way

  36. Seduction - Holding On

  37. Pooch - Warrior Beat

  38. Seduction - Itch It Up

  39. Edit V - Pumper

  40. Seduction - Imagination

  41. Pooch - How It Started

  42. Force & Styles - Down To Love

  43. Seduction - Step To The Side

  44. Seduction & Eruption - Bust The New Jam (Hard Mix)

  45. Seduction & Billy Daniel Bunter - Hop On The Dancefloor

  46. Seduction & Dougal - It's Not Over (Remix)

  47. DNA - Dance With Somebody

  48. Edit V - DJ's Mixing

  49. Seduction - Here It Comes (Hardcore Heaven Mix)

  50. Sy & Seduction - Rushing

  51. Seduction - In The Mix (Brisk Remix)

  52. Seduction - Never Let You Go

Oh, my fingers hurt right now. That's one amazing tracklist, but a freaking pain in the rectum to type. But it's worth it: I needed to share this with you all. If you are into 90s Breakbeat and Happy Hardcore stuff you will certainly need to hear this mix. Experience it with your own ears, and hear how good it sounds.

DJ Virus does what he does best, and created this epic mix. 77 minute of pure madness, most of them DJ Seduction records, but still highly enjoyable. These tracks might be older than 20 years, but they still sound fresh and fit in the present day extremely well. I was going to say quality over quantity, but there's certainly a shit ton of these records in this mix, so quantity is present too.

But it's not the amount of records, it's all about what it does to the listeners. And personally, this mix ticked all the right boxes. I am sitting here, delighted, and happy as Larry (whoever this Larry person is). I've enjoyed going back in time, to the 90s, and hearing those familiar and recognisable piano bits, breaks, and pitched up vocals. I am in awe, and loving the vibes.

Nothing negative to report. Only love and appreciation from my side. It's hit after hit. And from these 52 I cannot pick one favourite. I simply cannot. It's a daunting task I shall not embark on. It's too damn difficult.

DJ: Virus

Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Rave

Mix Info: Impact Records Tribute Mix (2022)

Length Mix: 01:17:47

Tracks: 52 (fifty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 178 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

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