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In Bed With The Darkraver (2010)

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

The year is 2010, and the Darkraver releases this album, called 'In Bed With The Darkraver'. An album I purchased from my local CD store, but don't know what happened with it ever since. Probably gone somewhere, when I moved from NL to the UK. It is gone, but never forgotten. And how funny is it to find it again after 11 years? Only cropped up on my timeline on Youtube a month ago, but it has already had a few plays by myself. Not because of the title of this CD. Hell, I wouldn't want to wake up in a bed with the Darkraver. He might be a nice lad, but not worthy to wake up next to (unless you are his wife, of course).....

All jokes aside, this was an album released in Belgium, but made it's way to The Netherlands too. As I lived near the Belgium (and German) border, we always got more stuff from abroad too. This was one of them. And I think this was around the time when I actually see him at the service station, during one of my nightshifts.

This album had a lot of wicked tracks on it. Carefully selected and mixed together by the Darkraver himself. Even in 2021 it's nice to hear a few forgotten anthems. There are quite a few on here which you don't hear anymore. Maybe at events, but truth be told, when will that happen again, eh?

When I saw the tracklist, I knew I had to buy it. A good solid looking tracklist, mixed by one of the craziest Dutch Hardcore DJs known to man. Seen him perform a few times many moons ago; in Belgium, and in Landgraaf (the E-Xlipse anyone?). But nowadays I follow him on social media and watch his livestreams a lot. Always madness. But for this mix he stayed true to the concept: hard and rough, and no mucking about. Just pure Hardcore.

For those hoping that this CD would contain some sexual anthems due to the title of this CD, there isn't anything sexual about this. It could turn you on, and if that's the case, you are a true Hardcore nutjob! And that's a good sign.

Tracklist please!

  1. The Darkraver feat Ruffian - In Bed With The Intro

  2. Da Bulldozer Project - Something Special

  3. Art Of Fighters - Harmful Art

  4. Catscan - Enemy On The Run

  5. Promo - Life From The Other Side

  6. DJ Neophyte & Scott Brown - Hold The Beat Back

  7. Impulse Factory vs Reactor & Raoul - Won't Give You Respect

  8. Evil Activities - What's Inside Me?

  9. DJ Isaac - Start The Beat

  10. The Reactor & Raoul meet Impulse Factory - It's Dangerous Out There

  11. Nosferatu - Human Experiments

  12. Tha Playah - Hit 'Em

  13. The Viper & Endymion feat Nikita - Sanity

  14. Re-Style - Get It Crackin

  15. Korsakoff - Surround Me

  16. Nosferatu & Mad Dog - Lack Of Existence

  17. Paul Elstak feat Beatstream & Radiate - Angels Deserve To Die

  18. Na-Goyah - Inexpugnabilis (Invicible)

  19. Tha Playah - Why So Serious?

  20. G-Town Madness - Headbanger

  21. Jeremy - The Flow (T-Junction & Rudeboy Remix)

  22. Day-Mar - Guess What

  23. Outblast & Angerfist - Delusion

Of course he had to throw in the big classics by artists such as Tha Playah, Evil Activities, Art Of Fighters, etc. A good looking tracklist, and if you dig the Millennium Hardcore sound, you will certainly be pleased after hearing this hour and a bit long mix.

A very nice collection of records. If you think about this: these are classics, and they don't even sound old. Still fresh as the day they were released. But a forgotten sound that needs more and more attention: who needs the new style Hardcore when you've got this magnificent style? I'd choose this over any new style Hardcore. No offence to anyone, but this is just superb!

His mix started with a silly intro, but quickly jumped into one amazing record, one I really love: 'Something Special' by Da Bulldozer Project. What a wicked anthem! I can hear this track over and over, and it takes me right back to pre Millennium years! The sound that was created back then, just beyond beggars belief!

Some records haven't stood the test of time sadly, but can still be enjoyable to listen to.

A nice selection of records by The Darkraver. Good choices, sir! One of your finest mixes. Not as brilliant as your Heroes Of Hardcore mix, but close enough!

Artist: The Darkraver

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Millennium Hardcore, Gabber

CD Info: In Bed With The Darkraver

Length CD: 01:14:28

Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)

Release Year: 2010

Label: N.E.W.S.

Product Number: 541416503399

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