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Industrial Summer BBQ Chill Mix by Sound Abuse (2023)

We started today with a nice mix, filled with anthems by a legendary DJ called Marco V. And straight after that, we are going to the depths of Hell! Well, I wouldn't call it Hell, but most people would. They don't understand Industrial Hardcore at all, and classify it as music made by the Devil. The mix is made by Sound Abuse, so you know it's going to be hard, rough, and maybe a tad violent, but that's OK. We need a bit of power now. The weekend is about to happen, so let's jump into the weekend with something banging!

The mix is to celebrate the Summer of 2023, BBQs and Industrial Hardcore. In that specific order, please. But you have to make sure that the music is the loudest. The BBQ can be on full whack (if you like your burgers and sausages to be burned to a crisp), and the weather could be 40 degrees Celsius, that's fine (but make sure you are putting lotion on the skin, don't want to be as burned as those sausages and burgers, eh?).

Sound Abuse made this rather interesting looking mix, and it's nearly an hour and a half of madness. Already listened to it in the car, and the speakers are nearly blowing into a billion pieces. How else are you to enjoy the music?

I do love myself a bit of Industrial, but wouldn't call myself an expert. More an enthusiast. I dip in and out of the scene every so often, so looking at the tracklist, only a handful of names I know. But it's all about the music, BBQ, and the Summer, so let's focus on the tracks first, before we proceed!

  1. Electronic Mind Expansion feat Sound Abuse - Paracusia

  2. Mindwalker - It Will Never End

  3. EBE Company - Underground

  4. Razor Edge - Succumb Part 2

  5. Matt Green - Hey Listen (Oh Listen)

  6. Augusti & Electric Dogg - Fuck Me On Cognac

  7. Limewax - Agent Orange (Slave To Society & Limewax Rework)

  8. XKRi - D.O.F.

  9. Strange Arrival feat Densha Crisis - Fishmoth

  10. [KRTM] - Sapien 2

  11. Autiszm - At The Gates

  12. Electronic Mind Expansion - Shadow People

  13. DJ Mad Dog - Il Futuro

  14. D-Spirit - Paranoid Mind

  15. Nightshift - Lost & Forgotten

  16. Hardez - Technology Pt. 2

  17. Sacerdos Vigilla & The Relic - Technosapien

  18. Neophyte - The Ultimate Sound (Extended Mix)

  19. Mono-Amine - Like Any Other Form Of Livestock

  20. Hadalzone - Sobig

  21. Tymon - Dead Evil (Splinter Cell Remix)

  22. Nukom - Beat Ya Ass

  23. T-Junction & Alex B - Groundshaker (Negative A Remix)

  24. The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Threshold Of Pain

  25. Ophidian - Priest Of The Void

  26. Broken Code - Threat Of Future

  27. The Collector - Slap The Shit Out Of It

  28. Ragnarok - Havoc

  29. E-Noid - Fight Of Your Life

This mix has been on non stop, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. But the madness kicked in when I heard Nukom's 'Beat Ya Ass'. My sweet Lord, I've never heard this song before, but it certainly slaps! I had to pause for a second, rewind slightly, and turn the volume to the max. My God, this is seriously an insane record, and it's a 21 year old anthem?! How come I've never heard this one before????

This is a really dope, rough, raw, and dark set. Sound Abuse brings the heat, and the set flies by without anyone knowing. Yes, 'Beat Ya Ass' made me rewind the mix multiple times, but that's just because the song is tight as fuck. And at this stage, it's my favourite anthem of this mix. Hell, maybe of the year?

Toward the end of the mix it all goes a bit haywire, and it just more bouncier, harder, and even tougher. Just the right way to build up a set. Start of 'slowly' and build it up toward a satisfying end. Sound Abuse's set will certainly entertain many BBQs all over the world, unless you hate Industrial Hardcore. If that's the case, don't come to my BBQ.

A wicked mix. Get the BBQs ready, the Summer is already here... Sound Abuse brought the music. Let's go!

How come I've never heard 'Beat Ya Ass' before? I feel ashamed! Such a beast of a record!

Act: Sound Abuse

Genre/Style: Industrial Hardcore, Industrial, Hardcore, Gabber, Techno, Rave, Gabba

Mix Info: Industrial Summer BBQ Chill Mix by Sound Abuse

Length Mix: 01:27:24

Tracks: 29 (twenty-nine)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 199 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2023


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