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Innercity 2001

The year is 2001, and the world is a different place to live in, compared to the present day. Music was different, but so was partying. Innercity was still an active event series, created by ID&T, and it had a killer line-up. I was in all awe after I visted the 2000 edition, and had to go again. I think it went well, but unfortunately I cannot remember a lot of the night, as I went out with a filled bank account, and when I returned back home, my bank account was empty, I was extremely hung over, and embraced my toilet like never before. So it could have been OK, great, or shit, but I cannot for the life of me remember. But what I do remember, is the CD that was released shortly after.

Before we proceed, I just want to make it clear that this isn't my most favourite Innercity CD of all time. That goes to the 2000 edition. Why? Well, a) I remember going to it and experiencing it fully, and generally had a great time, and b) the tunes fucking rocked! So don't get high hopes and pray that this gets the same score as the previous edition. It doesn't. But it does get some bonus point for its quirkiness. And the 2000nd were certainly weird.

Hybrid CDs. Remember those? Of course you don't. It was a new thing they tried, and it failed massively. Not just ID&T tried it. What it is, in simple terms, was a double sided disc, one side being a normal CD, and the other a DVD. 2 in one. It was a thick boy, that's for sure. And as much as this was new and I appreciated it, I knew it wasn't going to work. Not many CDs did follow the hybrid path but at least they tried it.

The DVD, as always, consisted of bits from the actual events. But we aren't going to focus on that. We will be focussing on the music that was on the other side of the disc, the music CD side.

There were some great hits on here, that demolished dancefloors all over the world. And some that have just slipped into obscurity, never to be heard again. I cannot express the amount of plays this disc had over the years. I took this disc everywhere with me. Unfortunately my eagerness to play it lead to the disc being ruined, and the DVD side was the first to go. The music disc side was the next to be ruined. But thankfully someone uploaded the mix on Soundcloud, and if you are curious: yes, it's also on YouTube, in case you hate Soundcloud.

A varied tracklist, that's for sure. It's a mix and match of everything Trance, Techno, and House.

  1. Intro - Innercity 2001

  2. Robbie Rivera - Funk-A-Tron (Main Mix)

  3. X-Press 2 - Smoke Machine

  4. Milo - Jungle Of Mirror

  5. Fluke - Slap It (Dylan Rhymes Remix)

  6. Critical Phase - Phase One (Futureshock Remix)

  7. Dave Clarke - Compass

  8. Romanthony - Never Fuck (AMbassador Remix)

  9. Green Velvet - La La Land (Dave Clarke Remix)

  10. Marco V- Simulated (Marco's Vision Remix)

  11. Len Faki presents Shit - Tha Way You Like It (Thomas P. Heckman Remix)

  12. Junior Sanchez & Rhythm Masters - Rock Your Body (AWeX Mix)

  13. Hiver & Hammer's Hands On Divine - Step By Step (Club Mix)

  14. Side FX - Feel The Beat

  15. Lisa Loud - The Miles For Sound (Mohr Or Less Remix)

  16. Traxster - Believe (UK Gold Remix)

  17. Mauro Picotto - Awesome!!!

  18. Zzino vs Filterheadz - African Bulldozer

  19. Marco V - Godd (Original Mix)

Wow. Throwback to the good ol' days, right? I might find the previous Innercity CD the best, but that's not to say that this 2001 edition was crap. It's good, and it's got some wicked anthems on here I've not heard in a while, or even seen in mixes.

The tracks are good, most of them. Just not a fan of Green Velvet's song, as I've seen him the year before at Innercity, and boy, was he bad. Was he? To me he was. I can only remember him walking around with green pegs on his head, screaming down the microphone. Yes, it wasn't great, and this track isn't his greatest track ever. A bit boring, a bit bland.

I love the flow of the mix. It's interesting enough, and resembles the music played at Innercity back in the day. I can just imagine, walking into the RAI in Amsterdam, and hearing these tunes come at me at lightspeed! Especially when 'Believe' kicks in. A true dancefloor smasher, and probably the best record on this hybrid disc.

A good hybrid disc. It was mixed beautifully, but the outcome isn't the best of the best. It's OK. The tracks are danceable to, but not that memorable as I'd hoped they would be. They are good, don't get me wrong. But maybe 2001 wasn't my most favourite year of all time. It's just OK, and that says it all to me. I still hold it close to my heart though, but on the list 'best Innercity CD', it comes fourth.

I wish I could go back in time and relive this edition, and not spend ridiculous amounts of money on alcohol and merchandise. Silly Dutchman, I am certainly silly.

Artist: Various Artists

Genre/Style: Techno, Trance, House

CD Info: Innercity 2001

Length CD: 01:15:12

Tracks: 19 (nineteen)

Release Year: 2002

Label: ID&T

Product Number: 7004812

More Information: --------

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