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Intents Festival 2020 | Liveset Partyraiser

If there's one event I have never visited but really would like to go to, it's Intents Festival, which is held every year in the Netherlands. Obviously they had to change that. I am not going to bore you with the state of the world: I think everyone is aware of the virus that is ruling the world, besides the Hardcore virus (I am talking about COVID of course). But with the online event taking place instead, they had to alter the sets slightly, so you only had a handful of DJs performing, but they did get the finest of the finest, including the set you are about to listen to.

Devin Wild, Sub Zero Project, Radical Redemption, Paul Elstak, Mark With A K, B-Front & Keltek, D-Sturb, Warface, Killshot, Rebelion, Partyraiser, and more. So a nice line-up, a nice treat for the die hard Harder style fanatics. And previously I talked about D-Sturb's set, and today it's Partyraiser's set. Last Thursday I was in the office, where normally hundreds of people work, but there were only about 20. So headphones on, and music on loud, but I needed some musical juice, something that would pump my eardrums hard. And then this appeared on Soundcloud....

I recently heard a Partyraiser set, recorded at Ghosttown many years ago, which was focussed on the Millennium Hardcore sound, and I was really pleased to hear that set. With that in the back of my head I decided to give this set a go: it does state 'Hardcore' as hashtag on Soundcloud. Well, it was hard as nails, and blew my f**king ears into smithereens! My God, from the first to the last second of this hour long set it's hard as fuck. No Millennium Hardcore or anything 'soft', only Uptempo Hardcore and everything faster.

Earlier this evening I was reviewing a Hard Trance set. If that's not your thing and you want something harder, let Partyraiser's set be your introduction to the weekend, in which we probably have to stay indoors. But hey ho, at least enough ammo to blow up your fucking speakers!

  • Bulletproof & Partyraiser & The Dark Horror - Here We Go (Edit)

  • MBK - Hurt Locker

  • DJV & Mind Compressor - 6.1.9

  • Dimitri K - Firestorm

  • Glitch - SMD

  • ID - ID

  • Partyraiser vs Streiks & Kratchs - 40's For The Crew

  • Partyraiser - Boobytrap

  • ID - ID

  • Partyraiser & Repix - Ode To The Godfather (Extinction Kickedit)

  • ID - ID

  • Andy The Core - Steal This (MBK Remix)

  • Rob Gee - My 909

  • Dimitri K - Surprise

  • Insane S - Messed Up Vision

  • Loud Carnage - Motherf@cker

  • Inner Rage - Ode To The Hansie 2.0

  • Chain Reaction - The Record Breaking (Unlocked Bootleg)

  • Febro - Knock Knock

  • X-Pander & MBK - On Your Knees

  • Angerfist & N-Vitral - Bare Knuckle Fist (ID Remix)

  • Tha Playah & Never Surrender - Hardcore Door Je Donder (ID Mashup)

  • Partyraiser & MBK - Destroy The Subs

  • Naska - Hell No

  • Bulletproof & Partyraiser - Bonnie & Clyde

  • Barber - No Blood On Me

  • ID - ID

  • Unit - Wassup! (ID Mashup)

  • Nekrosystem - Terror Bamba

Let me warn you: if you don't like your Hardcore fast and hard as hell, don't press play! Seriously, don't press play. As happy and smiley as Partyraiser might be during his set, he brings the madness, and the madness is fucking mental.

It is still weird to see DJs without a crowd.Yes, he might have had 74k+ views on Youtube and thousands on Soundcloud, but it's just Partyraiser we see during the livestream. And we even hear him clap. It sounds so damn weird. Normally you would expect screaming and shouting ravers, but now it's Partyraisers hands that make a noise. Fuck COVID.

But that all aside, when your set starts with a snippet from LOTR, Sir Ian McKellen screaming 'you shall not pass', you know shit is about to go down. And for the next 60 minutes, Partyraiser has got your attention. There's no way you can look anywhere else besides at hime. Intents Festival have down their best to make this livestream interesting, and they've certainly delivered. But it's Partyraiser that brought the fire to the stage.

The best record has to be MBK's 'Hurt Locker'. Hard as fucking nails, and really a record that will give you 1000% power in an instant. If you feel tired and down, just put this record on, and you will have the energy to fly around the world with nothing but speedos on.

There were a handful of records I didn't like, but they still kept my head moving/bopping up and down vigorously. It still gave me the boost I needed at work. Thanks Partyraiser for this 'snoeiharde' set. Really enjoyed it, and by the looks of it, you did too!

Bring back partying, and bring it back right now. Or whenever it's safe for us to go outside.

DJ: Partyraiser

Genre/Style: Uptempo Hardcore, Hardcore, Terror

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Fanaticz & Dynamite Stage @ Intents Festival 2020

Length Liveset: 01:00:21

Tracks: 29 (twenty-nine)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown


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