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Intents Festival 2022 / Warm Up Mix By Olero

Last weekend was the weekend that most people raved at a massive event held in the Netherlands, and the event is called 'Intents Festival'. Held from Friday the 27th of May up until the Sunday 29th of May, Starting back in 2005, it has become a stable force within the harder styles community, and has been on many people's minds all throughout the year. Obviously throughout lockdown (2020 + 2021) they had to divert from having a real event, and held it all online, but that just put fuel on the fire, and got people all hyped up for the real deal, which happened in 2022. And my timeline on both Facebook and Twitter were filled with pictures and videos of people at this event. The results so far? Very good!

So why am I talking about this right now, when the event just happened, and most people are still recovering from it? Well, I found this mix a few days ago on Soundcloud, and it was an appreciation mix, getting people ready for the party ahead. So, as always, I am last to the game, and should have reviewed this pre-event. But that didn't happen, so fuck it. This could be a reminiscence mix, reminding ourselves what the people at Intents went through this last weekend... and if you didn't go, what you missed out on.

Olero was the one who made this mix, and it has had good feedback. Not only did this event get good results, but also this promo mix. I'm guessing that people had a wicked time at Intents, and I envy those people. You've earned it, without a shadow of a doubt, but I wish I was there. Last 2 years the livestreams were awesome, and previous events also got a very good score. And the line-up, don't even get me started on those. My God, they went all out on bookings. The creme de la creme.

Before I start sobbing and sitting here wishing I went to the event, let's focus on this mix by Olero. For you Hardstyle/Rawstyle lovers, this is a treat! You'll love it!

  1. Da Tweekaz & Warface - Intents Highscore (Intents Festival 2022 Anthem)

  2. D-Sturb - Ultimate x Act Of Rage - Gangster For Life (Cryex Remix) (Mashup)

  3. Physika - The Party Song

  4. Sub Zero Project & D-Sturb - Heroes Of The Night (Intents Festival 2019 Anthem) x D-Sturb - Vault Hunter (Mashup)

  5. Vertile - Change This Place

  6. Warface - Midnight Paradise x Warface & Zatox - 50 Shades (Mashup)

  7. Rejecta - Followed x Rejecta - Set Myself Free (Rejectofrage Vocal) (Mashup)

  8. Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow - Industry Baby (D-Sturb Edit)

  9. Warface - Sorry Not Sorry

  10. Far East Movement - Like A G6 (Hard Driver Edit) x Level One - Vengeance x Cryex - Faded (Mashup)

  11. Rebelion - A.I. x Rebelion & Hard Driver - Earthquake (Mashup)

  12. Rejecta & E-Force - Kicked Out (2021 Edit)

  13. Showtek - Colours Of The Harder Styles (Rooler Kick Edit)

  14. Rebelion - Bassline Junkie

  15. Killshot & Bloodlust - Bass Zo Dik

  16. Sickmode & Mish - One And Only

  17. Regain - Back To The Madness x TNT - Countdown (Multlator Edit) (Mashup)

  18. Rebelion - The First Dose (Mashup)

  19. Warface & Rooler & Malice - Watch Your Back x Warface & Delete - Addicted (Mashup)

  20. BMTH - Can You Feel My Heart (Rebelion Edit) x Mutilator & So Juice & Sovereign King - Full Throttle

  21. Sickmode - Go Stupid

  22. Aversion - Keep Clappin'

  23. Warface - Psycho x Vasto & Scarra - Psycho x Psycho & Warface - I Need You (Mashup)

  24. Malice - Raw Talent (Live Edit) x Malice - Fear (Live Edit) (Mashup)

  25. Scarra & Vasto - Downfall

  26. Rooler - OneTwo x Sickmode - Hey x2 x Sickmode - Emoji 2.0 (Mashup)

  27. Cryex - Never Be Alone (Scarra Edit) x Scarra - Time To Kill (Mashup)

  28. Dither - Beat My Drum

  29. Rebelion & The Dark Horror & Dimitri K - Side FX's

You don't see that very often, mashups. And when executed well, it will be extremely wicked to hear. And in this set the mashups are really ace. But it's not just about mashups, it's about the whole mix, and what it does to you. And to me it makes me move very fast and rough. Olero's mix is really dope, and if this was the mix you listened to, to get you ready for Intents, you must have been firing at all cylinders. 200% when you entered Intents. Oh, I'm so jealous of you.

This mix is hard. Really hard. And it gives you enough energy to get through this dark and dreary Monday. Don't want to know how you feel, if you've raved throughout the weekend at Intents, but it must have been intense. So to keep you in the same mood you were in last weekend, let's keep the pace right up there, and keep you raving throughout the week.

I am really impressed. A very good selection of tracks, wicked mashups, and no mixing errors. I am really feeling the vibes, and have enjoyed this hour and a half long mix. No negative feedback, only love and appreciation.

Normally I would go for everything Vertile produced as my favourite, but this time there's too many to choose from. So I won't.

Jump on this right now, and be entertained. And if you are hungover, just take it slow. 2 paracetamols and a big glass of water will help!

DJ: Olero

Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Uptempo

Mix Info: Intents Festival 2022 / Warm Up Mix By Olero

Length Mix: 01:31:08

Tracks: 29 (twenty-nine)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Olero - Soundcloud Channel

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