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Intercell.032 - [KRTM] (2021)

I am a sucker for weird stuff. And lately I've been listening to some weird Dutch acts with weird names like 'Gladde Paling' (sleek eel), 'Vieze Asbak' (dirty ashtray) and 'Dikke Baap' (fat... erm... don't know how to translate the word Baap). And I think it was Vieze Asbak that reposted the mix you are about to listen to, so I jumped on it, and I was pleasantly surprised. I've heard and seen the name [KRTM] before, but never found a mix made by this DJ/producer. Today is my lucky day, right? And it's a mix that really surprised me by the unusualness. It's weird, but extremely rough. And that's what we need, to break the week in half.

But what is it? It's a mix, that goes alongside an interview he did for Intercell. Not heard or seen the name Intercell before, but I'm now following them, and after doing this review, I'm going to check and see if they've got any more interesting mixes. But for now, let's turn our attention to [KRTM]s mix. And it's a weird one. But you will certainly embrace it, the second you press play.

I think I spotted this mix 2 weeks ago, and to test it after work, I put it on. And as my journey from work always takes more than 2 hours (sometimes even 3, or 4 hours), it would be the perfect time to test if it's good. My JBL system did its best, and nearly blew my fucking speakers! I am not kidding: at one stage in this mix, the bass kicked in so damn hard, I kept on shouting 'fucking HELL', because of me being extremely surprised by the vibrations coming at me, sitting in the drivers seat.

I know [KRTM'] from his Techno and Hardcore songs, and that's exactly what you'll be getting here. The focus is on hardness, and you are literally experiencing that throughout this mix. He has even made a few Hardcore classic anthems sound Techno-ish. He just played them at a slower pace, but it just worked well. A bit of Techno, Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore, Schranz, and more. You ready for the tracklist/

  1. Caretaker - Late Afternoon Drifting (Original Mix)

  2. Nasenbluten - Intellectual Killer (Original Mix)

  3. Clouds - Complete Control (Original Mix)

  4. Tymon - Woodsman (Original Mix)

  5. Joefarr - Big Jeff (Original Mix)

  6. [KRTM] - ID

  7. Animal Holocaust - Istanbul (TWAN Remix)

  8. Regis - Baptism (Original Mix)

  9. E-Man - XTC Express (Higher Level Mix)

  10. Ghost In The Machine - Cold Rush (Original Mix)

  11. Manni Dee - Do What They Don't (Original Mix)

  12. Opal - Dominator (Remco Beekwilder Remix)

  13. [KRTM] - ID

  14. Scalameriya - Eidolon (Original Mix)

  15. Hadone - ID

  16. Ybrid - Tripodia (Original Mix)

  17. [KRTM] - I Need You (Original Mix)

  18. Ansome - Hunger (Original Mix)

  19. Catscan - WOIII (Original Mix)

  20. Scalameriya - Tainted Voltage (Original Mix)

  21. [KRTM] feat Thrasher - Placebo (Original Mix)

  22. Hadone - Optical Glasses (Original Mix)

  23. [KRTM] & Limewax - Fingers (Original Mix)

  24. Tommyknocker - The Aftermath (Original Mix)

  25. N-Vitral - Bonck (Original Mix)

  26. Dr. Macabre - Danse Macabre (Original Mix)

  27. Ophidian - Dissimulation (Original Mix)

  28. Noize Suppressor - Noize Gang (Original Mix)

  29. Ophidian & Hamunaptra - Whispers of A Nameless Fear (Original Mix)

  30. Catscan - Cre8tive Counter (Original Mix)

  31. Speedy Q's vs L. Condo - Al Atone (Original Mix)

  32. Tymon & Negative A - Extrasensory Perception (Original Mix)

This is one hard as fuck mix. [KRTM] has certainly selected big anthems that would have the power to demolish speakers, and the few brain cells I've got left. My God, when the intro song finishes and the bass and beats kick in, it's like nothing I've experienced before! They are hard, rough, and relentless.

I just had a builder here in my house, because of some snagging issues, and he appreciated the music coming at him, from my monitors. That's always a good thing. He even asked who did this mix, so I told him.

But let's get back to the mix. I did really like this mix a lot. I like it when a mix takes you to a darker level, and makes you subconsciously feel a bit uneasy. There was one bit that made me feel really uncomfortable: when the intro to a song talks about someone who killed his daughter, his grandkids, and was going to kill himself. Can it be any darker than that?!

But the tracks are solid. You get a mixture of literally everything, and I love it. The tone is set: it is dark, as dark as you would like it to be.

I've got nothing negative to say. If you haven't heard this mix, you should. This gets your blood pumping, and excited at the same time. More of this dark stuff, please!

Thanks [KRTM] for making my day! It's certainly an excellent mix!

Best record? 'The Aftermath'. I'm such a sucker for the Millennium tracks made by Tommyknocker!


Genre/Style: Techno, Acid Techno, Hardcore, Industrial, Breakbeat

Mix Info: Intercell.032 - [KRTM]

Length Mix: 01:04:46

Tracks: 32 (thirty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2021

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