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jerOO - Isolation Pt. 2 (2021)

11 months ago DJ jerOO uploaded this first 'Isolation' mix, and it has been quiet ever since. As most of us have experienced COVID in a different way, some went completely mad on social media, and nearly posted mixes every day. And others once in a blue Moon. That really doesn't matter how you've spent your time in lockdown, we all done it differently. And jerOO took his time to release his second mix in this series. The most important factor here is that it should be worth it. And that's up to us to judge, right?

As the mix was before, this one is filled with Grime and Dubstep tunes. I've been out of the scene for too damn long, and I do miss hearing Dubstep/Grime tunes. Funny to mention: only the other day did I watch a documentary about Dubstep and how it 'died' after 2012. In a way it has, but it hasn't. That doesn't make any sense, but hear me out; Dubstep and Grime has gone underground again. It's not as commercialised as back in the late 00s/early 10s. And that's good. Yes, it has had some success, but it's time for it to remain underground, and don't kill it with shite tunes. Bring the darkness.

And darkness, that's exactly what jerOO brought to the table. COVID/Isolation hasn't destroyed his DJ skills, so you should be ready for yet another amazing, filled to the brim mix. As he always does it, he crams in as many records as he can find, and makes it all sound effortless. That's why I like this DJ, you see. However he does it, I'm not really fussed about it. As long as the outcome is perfect, and today's mix is one you need to judge yourself.

Here's the full tracklist.

  1. N-Type & Sleeper - Dozer

  2. Leo Cap feat Atom Dubs - Jumbo

  3. Biome - Never Listen

  4. Roommate - Oneness

  5. Commodo - Hot Pursuit

  6. Ternion Sound - Up Up

  7. Skream - Requestline VIP

  8. Deafblind - Force Mass Motion (MediCated Remix)

  9. Biome - The Joker

  10. N-Type & Sleeper - Carbon

  11. Skream - The Soul

  12. Distinct Motive - 40hz (J Sparrow Remix)

  13. Coltcuts - The Vihaan VIP

  14. N-Type & Sleeper - Arcane

  15. Caski - Sandstone

  16. Wevaman - The Struggle (Goosensei Remix)

  17. A Hundred Drums x Dutchie - After Earth

  18. Untitled - Uprise Dub

  19. Oakin - Is This Real

  20. Leo Cap feat Skotcha - Anapsky

  21. Roklem x Sebalo - Tikka

  22. ID - ID

  23. Hypho - Kevin

  24. Gantz - Low Levels

  25. Truth - No Difference

  26. Biome - Boxed

  27. ENiGMA Dubz - Lurkin'

  28. MediCated - The Worm

  29. Benga - 26 Basslines (LOST Edit)

  30. Ternion Sound - Verify Me VIP

  31. Coltcuts - My Dear

  32. N-Type & Sleeper - Drift

See, I told you, 32 records in a 53 minute long mix. He doesn't take any prisoners, he doesn't. He just wants you to dance until your feet stop working. jerOO, it's yet another fucking epic mix. We need more. And please don't let us wait 11 months again. Or maybe do, and make this an annual mix? But we need this kind of mixes, I really enjoyed it yet again.

I can't remember when it was I was introduced into jerOO's wonderful world, but it must have been a few years now, right? He actually made 2 mixes for this wonderful website, and if the oldest is 8 years now, that means that it must be roughly 8+ years that I follow him. Is the latest mix by him the best one he's ever done?

Short answer: no. His best mix is still the 'Grime Sessions Vol.3', released 4 years ago. But does that make this mix anything less? Nope. this is yet another wicked mix added to an already impressive back catalogue (on Soundcloud). He's done it again, and I've got only positive feedback for this second instalment of the 'Isolation' series.

Best record? '26 Basslines' by Benga. Disagree? Fight me.

DJ: jerOO

Genre/Style: Dubstep, Grime

Mix Info: Isolation Pt 2

Length Mix: 00:53:35

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 571,4 MB

File Type: AIFF

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz

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