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Joey Riot 30 Min Promo Mix (2015)

We all know that Joey Riot is doing well at the moment, on his own and with his group Destructive Tendencies. He's making sure the raving masses are raving all over the globe. They are game changing, and have already a huge following on social media. And about 4/5 years ago Joey was also an innovator with the Powerstomp sound. And guess what I'm about to show you (again)? You have guessed it correctly: a Powerstomp promo mix by the legend himself, recorded 4 years ago. One I'd already reviewed on my previously websites, but sadly it got lost.

Someone reposted this mix on Soundcloud, and I completely forgot it even excisted. Which is a shame, to be fair. I think the majority of people have forgotten about the Powerstomp sound. Which is a shame, to be fair. Only a handful of artists are still keeping it alive and kicking, but it's not as big as it was 4/5 years ago. And that's a shame. Lethal Theory did manage to keep us raving with the Powerstomp sound, and the albums released around that time all got devoured by yours truly. I was such a fan, and still like it a lot.

I did review this many years ago, and I think it's fitting for me to re-review it. Maybe this could be the chance of it making a comeback? What do you all think, should this deserve a second chance? I think it should.

01. Joey Riot & Mob - This Could Be Love

02. Joey Riot & No Sweat - Show Us The Way

03. Joey Riot & Sophie J - Something To Believe In

04. Joey Riot & No Sweat feat MC Jack - Bringing The Fire

05. D-Code - My Direction (Joey Riot vs Jaw D Remix)

06. Joey Riot vs Demize - Love Me Or Hate Me

07. Joey Riot vs Bean - Dirty Ho

08. Joey Riot - Music Is My Life

09. Joey Riot vs Jay Prescott - Totally Lost It (Anthem)

It's a short but very pleasing mix. 32 minutes of Joey Riot. As you would expect from the Powerstomp King, the mix is very tight. No errors whatsoever, and only the finest tunes from around 2014/2015. Most of us already have all the compilations released from around that time, and I think it's time for us all to relive the moment, and put those banging tunes back on the map again.

Seriously, there's nothing wrong with this mix. It's bloody Joey fucking Riot behind the decks. The tracks are as tight as you expect them to be. Oh, and have I mentioned the fact that it's still a free download? So you kill two birds with one stone. Or does that saying not apply to this situation? Well, just fucking download this mix, I know you want to.

Joey was involved in many Powerstomp project around that time, and in this mix you will only find his record and 8 collaborations. It's all about Joey, and that's a good thing. I'd rather listen to his older stuff than any other present day fashionable music played on the radio. Joey Riot 4 life, man.

A wonderful mix. Best record has to be 'Something To Believe In'. Vocals are just so pure. But so is the mix. I don't know what the score of this original review was, but if I'd given it less than the score I'm giving it now, I'm going to shoot myself in the foot.

Get this down ya, ya wee lads. Yes, that's me trying to say something Scottish.

DJ: Joey Riot

Genre/Style: Powerstomp, UK Hardcore, Gabber

Mix Info: Joey Riot 30 Min Promo Mix

Length Mix: 00:32:38

Tracks: 9 (nine)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 74.6 MB

File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: 320kbps

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