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Kevin Energy -Live DJ Set at Stomp 13/01/24 Basement 45 Bristol

Where were you on the 13th of January of this year? Were you by any chance in Bristol, at Marc Smith's ''Official Massive Birthday Stomp'', the twelfth edition? If you haven't, where were you then? The line-up was insane, with obviously Kevin Energy, Marc Smith (would be weird if he wasn't at his own birthday stomp!), Klubfiller, Miss Special K, Scorpio, Ed E.T, and many more. This event has been on my radar for many years, but I always forget to buy tickets. One day I might go.

Kevin Energy went, and recorded his set. That's not special, but he actually recorded his set, which you can see on YouTube! From behind the decks to the crowd, you can see it all. You can see the Freeform master at work. And even though he was an opening/warming up act, he got the crowd dancing. And during his set he played a few of the finest older classics, and a few new anthems. And according to his YouTube comment, a new album will come out in 2024!

I saw a video of him teasing a song with Afterburner a few weeks ago, and the song itself got me hyped up. That's the kind of music I really like. He teased us, and I was gutted to not hear it for the first time live! What a banger it is, but don't you worry: it is in his set. He couldn't do the set without it.

A bit of the old Kevin and the new Kevin. I do like myself a bit of the Nu Energy sound, and whatever he's got in store for us in the future. But which records did he play?

  1. Geck-O - Balearic Bootlegs

  2. Breeze & Styles - Sonic (Kevin Energy Remix)

  3. Kevin Energy - Take Me Up

  4. The Retreat - Balearic Bootlegs

  5. Kevin Energy & Jasmine Knight - Universal Energy

  6. Kevin Energy, Desire & Jasmine Knight - Power Over Me

  7. S3RL - T T Techno

  8. Kevin Energy & Desire - Transform

  9. Kevin Energy & Jasmine Knight - Let You Know

  10. Kevin Energy & Afterburner - Illusion Of Dreams

  11. Kevin Energy & Desire - Imagination

  12. Kevin Energy & Paul Hardcore - Hearts On Fire

  13. Arkitech & Sharkey - Quadraphonics

  14. Kevin Energy & Desire - Inter-Dimensional

  15. S3RL - Dealer

  16. Sharkey, Kevin Energy & K Complex - Anna (Cube::Hard Remix)

  17. Uberdruck - White

  18. Rampant & Petruccio - Rhythm (Darwin Remix)

  19. Gammer - 33mm

  20. Kevin Energy & Ephexis - Reality Control

Don't get me wrong, I do like the 'old' Kevin Energy sound, but his new stuff is what I'm here for. The Nu Energy sound from back in the day is dope as fuck, and paved the way for new artists to enter the scene, and it made me fall in love with Freeform, but there's hope for an even better future for Freeform. More of this new stuff please, mr. Energy!

The tracks selected were great, and you can see the crowd loving it. I wish I was there, Bristol ain't that far away from where I live, and I could have gone. I'm a lazy shit, that's why.

The set is cool, and to see Kevin actually behind the decks, doing his thing, is cool. What isn't the greatest, and that's just my personal opinion, is the MC. Over the years I've lost interest in MCs. To me they don't work. They can sometimes take over a brilliant set. Kevin's set would have been great without the MC. But that's just me. You might have liked it.

The best track in this set is the one with Afterburner. Come on, that has to be the next big hit in clubs all over the UK. This is one that gets me hyped up the most. Come on, this is a big anthem!

A big set. Can't wait for what's in store for us in 2024. More Kevin Energy, please!

DJ: Kevin Energy

Genre/Style: Freeform, UK Hardcore, Trancecore

Liveset Info: Kevin Energy -Live DJ Set at Stomp 13/01/24 Basement 45 Bristol

Length Liveset: 00:59:36

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via YouTube): VIEW HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2024

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