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Lady Dana @ Ghosttown 2016

I've been on an oldschool path lately. Listening to only Oldskool Hardcore music, be it Happy or Gabber, I had to listen to it. Maybe it's my age that's making me aware that I'm soon too old to rave (my body has already started to deteriorate quickly in the last 5 years lol), but there's stil some passion left in my body. And the only kind of music that I can listen to and really let myself go to, is the early sound. The 90s, they were simply the best. And true ravers will agree. And even some younger ravers (who weren't even fabricated in the 90s) agree.

I only found this set online this morning. And you can image that I was as happy as a hobo (only true Hardcore fans know that this was a Neophyte joke). Lady Dana @ Ghosttown 2016. The Queen of Hardcore. She's still my number 1 female Hardcore DJ. She gave me so much pleasure during the 90s and early 00s (I know it sounds wrong, but you know what I mean). I only had the pleasure to see her in Kerkade at club Vizion on Friday the 29th of August 2003. That's fucking 16 years ago! Don't know what happened to Vizion, but I hold good memories of the night. Don't even know who I went with? Well, that's my raving history in a nutshell.

For the raving masses Lady Dana (or also known as Dana to the Hardstyle fanatics) does not need an introduction. She's been around for many years, and to have her play at Ghosttown was an obvious choice. The line-up for this event did look really good: Jones & Stephenson, Rob & MC Joe, G-Town Madness, MD&A, Darkraver, Frantic Freak, Amada, Kasparov, Promo, N-Vitral, Noize Suppressor, etc.

Even though on Soundcloud it didn't have a tracklist, obviously somewhere else it was available. So here it is, for all you Hardcore junkies out there:

01. System 3 - Like A Shot

02. Meagashira - End Of Line

03. Rave Creator & The Mover - Atmos-Fear

04. The Viper - X-Terminate

05. Pilldriver - Pitch-Hiker

w/ The Ultimate Buzz feat MC Bee - On A Mission (Acapella)

06. Myztic vs Myrmidon - Pop Goes The Pistol (DJ J.D.A. Remix)

07. U4EA - Crisia (Stunned Guys Remix)

08. The Stunned Guys & Darrien Kelly - Our Definition Of The Old Style

09. Baba Nation - Jesus Words

10. Lenny Dee - The Dreamer

11. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim - Kick This Muthaf#@ka

12. Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ (Buzz Fuzz Remix)

13. Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To The Bone (Masters Of Ceremony Dope Mix)

14. Human Resource - Dominator '96

15. Buzz Fuzz - Introkiller (Work It!)

16. Mike Ink & The Chain Of Brotherhood - Lovely Ugly Brutal World

17. DJ Waxweazle - Hardcore Power (Hellsound Mix)

18. Neophyte - Back In My Brain

19. Raveman - Drum Meet Da Bass (Hardcore Mix)

20. Tripax - What The Fuck Are You Laughing At?

21. Buzz Fuzz - Intergalatic

22. DJ 8Mix - Hardiness

23. The Original Gabber - Pump That Puzzy

Trust Dana to deliver an excellent Hardcore set. A shame that she didn't include a few of her own productions in here. But the records she did select did do Hardcore justice. She knows how to get the raving masses moving, and to me she still holds the title Queen to this day. Just listen to this set and disagree, if you dare.

The set is an hour long, and within that hour she takes you on a trip down to memory lane. Not only does she show that she knows a thing or two about good Hardcore tracks, she also shows her excellent DJ skills. Credit for that!

The tracks chosen are good. From the 23 tracks only 2 were in here I didn't like (Intergalatic and Pop Goes The Pistol), but that's only my opinion. You might like them, or hate them too. But does that make this mix set not worth listening? Absofuckinglutely not! You need to hear this. Unless you don't want to experience that trip down memory lane.

A wicked set by the Queen. I'm going to go on a hunt and see if I can find more Lady Dana sets. Obviously the Hardcore sets. Not saying that I dislike Hardstyle, but she's my Hardcore Queen, and she will always remain that. I grew up with her as a Hardcore Queen. There must be at least 1 or 2 sets on Soundcloud, right?

DJ: Lady Dana

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Gabber

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Ghosttown 2016 - Legend Of The Living Dead

Length Liveset: 01:01:24

Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Lady Dana - Facebook Fanpage

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