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Lighters & Horns 3 (2023)

It is time for Jungle! Yes, I'm starting this Friday morning with some Jungle music. And it's a mix made by DJ Virus, which is always a great thing to hear. He's been a bit quiet for a few months, and I did miss his mixes, but he's back, and he's uploaded a few mixes you should definitely check out. But for now, let's focus on this mix, because it's got a yellow cover on the image above, and I love a bit of yellow. It's a nice and safe colour. And if you squint your eyes, the image could even look slightly like a smiley. Or is that just me and my fucked up eyes?

I should listen to Jungle more often, but that's not always the case. I try my best, but seem to fail. Why? Well, it's because there's so MUCH music to discover, and as you can tell, my website loves every kind of music, I am not bound to just one type of music, or genre. I love to discover everything, whenever and wherever. And it seems that Jungle does not appear on my timeline, unless I search for it, or find it by accident, like what happened today.

DJ Virus has made a lot of excellent mixes, and each one of them have been received very well by myself, and the listeners on Soundcloud. This mix hasn't got the support yet from his listeners, but they will arrive soon, hopefully after they read this review. His mixes and his Soundcloud channel deserve more credit for the awesome mixes he uploads, so let's all go to DJ Virus' Soundcloud channel and check everything out!

But for now, let our focus go to the tracklist.

  1. Decibella - Be True

  2. Kos - Almost There (House Crew Remix)

  3. Flatliner - Celestial Voices (Blame Shadow Remix)

  4. Unknown Artists - 4am (Version 2)

  5. Eternal Bass - Deep Sensation (Jimi B Remix)

  6. Shodan - Take Me Back To 93

  7. Justice & Necrotype - Sky High

  8. Coco Bryce - Kissed It Up

  9. Harmony - Caulk

  10. Blame - Lift Off

  11. Gold Soundz - Can't Stop How I Feel

  12. Janaway - Shadow Raver

  13. Killer Whale - Rock The Boat (Haze Remix)

  14. New Decade - Reversion (Peshay Remix)

  15. Blame - Music Takes Me Higher (Remix)

  16. Kid Lib - Don't Wait

  17. Myor - Ill Behaviour 007B

  18. Sempra - Heaven

  19. Blame - Back In The Jungle (Remix)

  20. Eternal Bass - Way Of The Future (FFF Remix)

I have been listening to this since 5:30am, and it's been a blessing. The tunes are killer anthems, and the flow is extremely nice.

Am I presuming correctly that these are all new-ish tunes? I've checked a few, and their release dates were in the 20s, so hopefully I am correct.

But the flow is nice, and the tunes are solid. I'm sitting here, head bopping, feet stomping, and have my arms raised in the air. My neighbours must be thinking I'm a complete loon, but so what? I'm having the time of my life, and these tunes are what currently move my body.

I am so happy to have found this mix. It's a great one, and it starts off with a blinding record. Which is coincidentally my favourite of this mix, because it sets the tone! And I love the tone!

Another epic mix by DJ Virus! More of these please! More Jungle. Can never have too much Jungle!

DJ: Virus

Genre/Style: Jungle, Breakbeat

Mix Info: Lighters & Horns 3

Length Mix: 01:20:37

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

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