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Liza 'N' Eliaz - Jet Propulsion Mix (1993)

As someone who appreciates Hardcore music, there's always stuff to explore, and to learn. And today was such a day. Of course have I heard of Liza N Eliaz, but never heard a mix by this DJ before. Today is my first introduction into the magical world of Liza, who sadly passed away back in 2001. I think I only came across a track in the early days, but then nothing until 2021. But there's an interesting back story to this DJ, and if you are intrigued, go to Discogs and you'll find more information. For now, let's focus on this cassette, released back in 1993. And before you start thinking 'what kind of music is to be expected?': it's Early Hardcore, of course!

The wonderful Soundcloud channel magpie303 had uploaded this only 6 hours ago, and I came across it by accident. But what a wonderful experience it has been, to finally hear a set by Liza N Eliaz. I do remember reading about her in a Thunder Magazine, or was it maybe another magazine? I'm sure it was a Thunder magazine, but correct me if I'm wrong.

This Belgian Hardcore/Gabber/Speedcore producer and DJ has been much loved and appreciated. If I only had the pleasure to hear a mix before 2021, eh? I have come across a few records she had done with others such as The Prophet and Dano, but that's all. Maybe I was put off by the fact that she played Speedcore, which isn't my favourite, if I'm honest? Who knows.

The good thing about a mix such as this one, is the fact that it's packed with underground anthems. Anthems completely forgotten about. Trust me, you'll look at this tracklist and think to yourself 'haven't heard this one in years!', or even never? I love the early sound, but after checking this tracklist it became apparent to me that I've got a lot to learn, a lot!

Here's the tracks used for this tape. And kids, it's a tape, not a CD or an mp3 file. An actual tape... ever seen one?

  1. Tilt - The Psycho Whistler

  2. Total Output - Wierd

  3. ID - ID

  4. Somebody From Rotterdam - Atmos

  5. The Reanimator - Reanimator

  6. Tumor - Tumult

  7. Sigma 909 - Terminally Yours

  8. Michael White Line feat Armageddon - Crazy

  9. ID - ID

  10. Vitamin - Alice In Donderland (Liza N Eliaz Mix)

  11. Sigma 909 - Heart Beat

  12. Reyes - Puffed Up

  13. SP23 - Untitled (B2)

  14. SPY - Pathogen

  15. Assault - Assault On Precinct 001

  16. The Speedfreak - T.S. Dick

  17. Neophyte - Viking's Fear

  18. Zultan - De Dondergod

  19. Comababy - It's Called E

  20. SPY - Bloodstrike

For all the youngsters reading this blog, let me warn you in advance: before you press play, make sure you put in some ear drum protectors; Hardcore back in the days used to be rough as hell. And no word of a lie there. It is rough, raw, and sometimes unpolished. If you've never heard it before, it might come as a shock. It might even be borderline Terror, but that's just the magic behind the early stuff: it was so new, we had no clue which direction is was going to. Thankfully it went the way we wanted it to go, would have been driven mad hearing this for the last 28 years.

Don't get me wrong, I love the early sound a lot, but sometimes it's rough, really rough. And Liza did a remarkable job to get the listener's attention. Starting off at a slow pace, the beats and bass goes slightly up, and it goes manic toward the end. A good build up set, in my honest opinion.

It is so damn good to see and hear new music, music that is 28+ years old, but still sounding fresh. And it gives me goosebumps to hear those tunes coming through my speakers. It's like the music is speaking to me, saying 'rave dear boy, rave!'. From the 'happier' side on side A to the rougher side on side B. Or as they called it 'Happy Hard' and 'Abusive & Abrasive' . Everything is on here for the full on Hardcore fanatic.

Best record? Oh, that's easy. 'Wierd' by Total Output. So melodic and hard. Just what I like to hear.

A fantastic cassette/mixtape, with a funky looking cover. RIP Liza. I shall honour you by doing my research and find more mixes. And you (reader) should do that too. But for now, just enjoy this early Hardcore set.

DJ: Liza N Eliaz

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Techno, Gabber

Mixtape Info: Liza 'N' Eliaz - Jet Propulsion Mix

Length Mixtape: 01:00:17

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 1993

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: ------

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