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Losion - Imminent EP (2019)

I was contacted a few weeks ago via my website, to see if I'd be interested in reviewing an upcoming EP by Losion, released on Outtallectuals. Now, there have been times when I said 'no' because I was already disappointed after hearing the first tune (being so dramatically bad), but this time I though I should give this a go. Even though I've never listened to a Neuroprog song before, I am open to hear other styles. And I was intrigued.

Thankfully they provided me with enough information to get through this EP with all the necessary details to observe this as good as I can. Never been introduced to this sound, or even the artist, but it's never too late to appreciate music, eh? Losion is a French artist. and his EP is called 'Imminent'. This will be released on the 14th of April of this year, and what can you expect?

A 5 track EP containing some prog rock/metal with modern Neuro Bass. Now, I might be a bit thick, but Neuro Bass? That's new to me. So, I gave it a go. And was I disappointed? Not really. Even though I normally listen to hard style music, this did bring some harmony in my head. Rock and Neuro Bass. I never thought I could be so relaxed and mellowed out.

The 5 tracks on these EP are:

01. Losion - Opal

02. Losion - Imminent

03. Losion - Resolution

04. Losion - Fracture

05. Losion - Swarm

Expect the unexpected! From raw and rough guitar sections to lovely and peaceful breakdowns. Harmonic, and also mellow. Hard and 'in your face'. All that in a 5 EP? Yes, that can happen.

At first I was expecting to hear 5 of the same records, but they weren't. I did get this vibe throughout this EP that reminded me of the gaming sensation you get once you fire up your console. This is music that fits a specific kind of game. But can you listen to this without your console being on? Yes.

I love the build up in each record. Losion keeps us on our toes by building up towards a climax, and combines the Rock sound with the futuristic dance sounds. It works beautifully, and isn't overpowering at all. Let's break down each song:

'Opal' is a track that makes you want to see the world in a different perspective. At first you walk through life, and when the guitars come in, you just want to rush through it all, not give a flying f**k about everything and everyone around you. You just want to let yourself go.

'Imminent'. Well. This is rough and raw. 5 minutes and 46 seconds of roughness. I'm not an expert on Rock, but this is hard for me.

'Resolution'. Again, I'm not an expert, but this song makes me want to run through the walls (in a good way). This has an excellent build up, and the drums do the song justice. I had this feeling of having superpowers and wanting to tackle the world's problems, whilst wearing this ridicilous outfit. SuperDutchman anyone?

'Fracture'. Is this the kind of music you should listen to when you have a bone in your body fractured? You might think it's soft and squigy, but when the guitar starts playing, you do not know where to look! It's powerful and strong.

'Swarm'. Oh yes. This is my kind of music. Relaxing. A bit of guitars in it (and drums too), but the general gist of this song is peace and tranquility.

You've guessed it, 'Swarm' is my favourite record of this EP. But would I personally purchase this EP? Well, now I've heard it, I would. Sadly I would not have been able to appreciate this without the assistance, because this kind of music would never appear on my timeline anywhere, but I'm really enjoying this. It might be rough from time to time, but the vibes I'm getting from this EP is just sheer happiness and bliss.

When this is released I will add a Soundcloud player underneath. Obviously it's not available yet, but I will let you enjoy this once it's out. Make sure you favourite this EP, and get it via your normal music sources. Losion is an inspirational artist, and his EP is just what I needed to hear!

If you want to read more about Losion, click here . Or if you are interested in the label behind this release, click here

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